How To Change Baby Diaper

How to change baby diaper

If you are a first-time parent, or you are expecting a baby soon then you must know how to change baby diaper. It has been found by the researchers that newborn babies need to be changed diaper about ten times per day, and in a year, you will need to change their diaper about 2500 times.

Diaper changing is very easy but the process is a little bit tricky. Once you know the trick, changing 10 or more diapers regularly won’t be hard for you. Here are some tips and tricks which will help you to change diapers in a hassle-free way.

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1.Prepare things together: Make sure you have everything in your front that you need for changing a diaper. This is important for your baby’s safety because you will not be able to leave the diaper changing area once you have laid your baby down. Many things are needed to change baby’s diaper as a new diaper, wet wipes, clips, talcum powder, and glycerin. Before you change the diaper, wash your hands properly.

2.Now lay down your baby on their back on changing table. Make sure to keep one hand on the baby at all times.

3.Remove your baby’s clothes and the soiled diaper.

4.Once these are safely removed, you need to clean the lower part of the baby with wet wipes. Be sure to wipe the soiled area from front to back. Move the baby’s legs around gently, so you are sure you haven’t missed a spot.

5.Now apply talcum powder or glycerin as necessary.

6.Open the clean diaper. Now lift your baby’s legs up so you can place the fresh diapers underneath the baby.

7.Once the baby is well-taken care off, pull the front of the diaper up, and use one hand to gently hold it in one place. Use your other hand to pull the tabs on each side of the diaper and bring it to the front of the diaper.

8.After changing the diaper makes sure that the diaper is not too tight. You can easily test this by trying to fit two fingers in the front part of the diaper.

9.Now you can replace any clothing over the new diaper.

10.After all accomplished wash your hands and enjoy with your baby until the next change.


That’s all. Hope now you can change your baby’s dirty diaper without facing any problem.


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