10 Best Stroller Fan For Baby 2022 – Buyer’s Guide

best stroller fan

A stroller fan is one of the most important purchase that a parent can make for her baby. In the hottest months of summer, the temperature can reach more than 30 degrees. As a parent, you’re finding the warmth is unbearable, then imagine how your baby must be feeling. Therefore, sometimes baby refuses to ride in a stroller; they would constantly ask their parents to fan them because they fell very uncomfortable or if they can’t talk yet.

Normally strollers are designed to enclose the baby and protect the baby from the harsh weather and other elements. But this protection becomes a disadvantage for baby during the summer weather. It happened because strollers are usually made of fabric that trapped the heat into it.

In order to, keep your baby cool and comfortable in their stroller, the best way is to equip the stroller with a stroller fan. But there are thousands of stroller fan available on the market, how can you choose the best stroller fan for your baby?

Don’t worry, here we put up this guide and reviewed the most popular stroller fans in today’s market. Therefore, you can easily find the best baby stroller fan for you.

Stroller FanName
YXwin 2019 Newest Fan
Dreambaby Stroller Fan
AnglinkClip on Fan
02Cool 5-Inch Fan
SkyGeniuss Fan
WiHoo Mini Stroller Fan
OPOLAR Battery Operated Clip On Fan
Glovion Clip Fan
KEYNICE Clip on Fan
Diono Stroller Fan

10 Best Stroller Fan Full Reviews 2022

1. YXwin 2019 Newest Fan

YXwin 2019 Newest Table Fan

This nifty stroller fan boasts of an impeccable battery backup of 40 hours on the lowest speed, making it perfect for an all-day trip to adventure parks like Disney. The batteries are rechargeable via USB cable so you never have to worry about running out of battery midway. 

I loved how the blade housing features a very tiny gap, making it impossible for kids to run their fingers through it. It offers 4 fan speeds and a powerful airflow to keep your baby cool on sultriest days of the year.


You can also easily position the fan head in any direction you want for optimal comfort. Added perk is the automatic swiveling feature. It allows both you and your children can enjoy the cool breeze simultaneously while traveling. For a fan so powerful, it is unbelievably quiet. 

Add to this, attaching the fan to the stroller canopy or car seat is a breeze. You can also let it stand on a hard surface on its own. There’s a tiny sponge tank at the backside where you can put iced water aromatherapy oils or mosquito repellants.

I don’t think I have ever seen this feature in any stroller fan. To sum up, if you are on the lookout for the best stroller fan for Disney on a tight budget, your search probably ends here. 


  • 4.5-40 hours of battery life depending on the speed setting.
  • Virtually noise-free operation.
  • Strong wind and excellent airflow. 
  • Oscillating and adjustable fan head. 
  • Built-in iced water and aroma oil diffuser panel. 


  • The base is a little heavier than I expected. 
  • The clamp quality could be improved. 


2.Dreambaby stroller fan

Dreambaby Clip On Stroller Fan

The Dreambaby Stroller Fan is incredible. It is a compact small fan that you can conveniently bring with you anywhere. You can be clipped this fan onto your stroller when going for walks during the summer as well as in the car.

The blades on this fan are made of soft foam, so if your baby or child accidentally hit them, it just will stop moving and does not hurt their fingers. The other great feature is that it has a flexible neck design so you can turn the fan to any angle and the clip is sturdy enough to hold it in place.


This fan only needs 2 AA batteries to run and it lasts for a decent amount of time. You can also replace the battery if needed.


  •   The fan is very lightweight and can be quickly tucked into a bag to take along anywhere.
  •   Super-soft foam blades for babies finger safety.
  •   Flexible neck can be adjusted to the right angle.
  •   Long lasting battery.


  • No rechargeable battery. So you will be limited to using the AA batteries.


3.AnglinkClip on Fan

Anglink 5000mAh Large Battery Powered Fan

This small, lightweight and sturdy clip-on fan is the perfect cooling solution for your junior in 100-degrees F. Although the fan doesn’t produce wind storm, its airflow is good enough to keep your kid sweat-free on a muggy day. The wind output is just about perfect for theme parks, cars, tents, and beaches. 

It comes with 4 variable speed settings and oscillating feature. You can move the fan head in virtually every direction with ease. I was quite impressed by the quality of the clip in this fan. It has a wide opening and provides a very secure grip on the stroller handle or crib. 

anglink-fan-attach-with-strollerYou will be relieved to know that the blade guard has very narrow gaps. So there’s no way your kids can slide their tiny fingers through it. This protective casing can be easily removed for cleaning purpose. Coming to the battery life, a single charge should last you 3-8 hours depending on the speed setting. 

It takes roughly 2 hours to fully charge the battery. There’s a battery life indicator for added convenience. While the battery life isn’t fantastic, you can always carry a portable charger to keep the fan running all day long. 


  • Creates a low humming white noise which helps a lot of babies relax. 
  • Provides efficient cooling in 96-100 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The blade guard has very tiny gaps for maximum protection.
  • Robust clamp, attaches very firmly to the surface.
  • Replacement batteries are easily available.


  • The average battery life of 3-8 hours isn’t good enough. For a day-long trip, You have to carry a portable charger with you. 


4.O2COOL 5Inch Battery Operated Clip Fan

Now you can have peace of mind knowing that your baby will stay cool in the stroller with O2COOL 5-Inch Battery Operated Clip Fan. This fan is very compact, lightweight and can be attached easily to a stroller. You can also be used it on cribs and in the car.

It has a rotating and pivoting head, so you will be able to direct the airflow exactly where you need. The stroller fan operates on 4AA battery and can run continuously for up to 11 hours on high speed and around 14 hours on low. Many parents love that the fan is completely silent, so it helped their baby to fall asleep.


  •  Safe protective Frame.
  •  White noise sound.
  •  Long life battery.
  •  360- degree positioning.
  •  A heavy-duty clip that allows you to use the fan almost anywhere.


  • The battery is not rechargeable.
  • The fan is a bit large compares to other fans.


5.SkyGenius Battery Operated Clip Fan

This stroller fan from SkyGeniuss is great for use in limited space area such as offices, kitchens, toll booths, stores, cars, perambulator, baby stroller, camping tent etc. Features like 2 in 1, you can conveniently use it as a table fan or a clip-on fan.


It also has an enclosed design to keep your kid’s fingers safe. This stroller fan is powered by a 2600 mAh rechargeable battery and you can charge it via USB port on your computer, power band, or any USB source. The battery is also replaceable. It has approximately 2.5-6 hours of battery life depending on the selected speed setting that you choose.


The thing I love the most about this fan is, It can be turned 360, so you don’t need to re-clip it if you need to change an angle of the wind.


  •    A noise-free sound that helped baby to fall asleep.
  •    The battery takes very short time to recharge.
  •    You can use the fan while it’s charging.
  •    Adjustable fan speed.
  •    The clip is very strong and allows it to be placed almost anywhere.


  •   The battery doesn’t last long.


6.WiHoo Mini Stroller Fan

WiHoo Mini Stroller Fan

The tripod-style design of the fan is the first thing that caught my attention here. It has 3 bendable legs that allow you to attach this fan literally anywhere, at any angle you want to. However, mind you that the fan head itself doesn’t pivot, nor does it have the oscillating function. I can’t complain too much about it, though, keeping in mind the small price tag. 


I should also note here that the fan’s casing is not infant-proof. You should keep the fan at a safe distance from your newborn to prevent his tiny fingers from sliding into the casing. This fan is primarily designed to keep your baby sweat-free and comfortable on sultry days and it delivers. 

It has 3-speed settings and is able to push a decent amount of air at the max setting. To top it off, it is blissfully quiet, so be assured that it won’t disrupt the sleep of your child. 

While the battery isn’t worth an award or something, it’s not as bad as some people might say. At the highest speed, the battery lasts for about 3-4 hours which should be adequate for a short road trip or a walk at the theme park. 


  • Sturdy and durable build. 
  • The bendable legs provide a strong grip on the stroller/crib/car seat handle. 
  • Runs while being charged. 
  • Installation is a breeze. 
  • Good airflow for such a small fan. 


  • Some users have reported that the power button is a tad too sensitive. 


7.OPOLAR Battery Operated Clip On Fan

OPOLAR 2019 New 5000mAh Rechargeable Battery Operated Clip On Fan

A list concerning the best portable fans for stroller would be incomplete without the mention of this updated version of OPOLAR. This new and improved model is way quieter, lighter and capable of pushing more wind than the older version. The stronger airflow is the result of using larger blades. 

It has 3-speed settings. Although the fan doesn’t oscillate, you can manually reposition the fan head in the desired direction. It uses non-replaceable, rechargeable Li-ion batteries. 

Once fully charged, you get the backup of 12 hours at the lowest speed and 7 hours at medium speed. Even at max speed, the battery lasts for up to 4 hours. Moreover, you can also run the fan while charging as long as you are using a 2A adapter. 

There are separate indicator lights for displaying charging and fan speed status. Brownie points for the design and sturdiness of the grip clamp. It has a 2” wide opening which makes it suitable for just about any surface you can think of. 


  • The clamp has a wide opening and provides a very strong grip. 
  • Bigger blades result in stronger airflow.
  • 12 hours of battery runtime at the lowest setting.
  • Gentle humming noise can quickly soothe fussy babies.
  • Easily adjustable fan head. 


  • Takes nearly 5 hours to get fully charged. 


8.Glovion Baby Clip Stroller Fan

This stroller fan is very small and can be clip on the stroller, cribs, working desk, bed or in the car. You can also take it for outdoor activities in summer. The fan can be powered by a 18650 battery or recharge via USB cable from a power bank or laptop. The battery can run continuously for up to 4 to 6 hours, depending on the selected speed mode that you choose. It also has a charging indicator light to let you know for sure that it’s charging.

Glovion Fan clip on the stroller

Most parents’ love that the fan has a 360-degree rotating and adjustable head, so you can adjust the airflow wherever you need it. The wind speed is also adjustable, so you can turn it down or up air volume according to your request.


  •  The fan comes with an extra-long charging cord.
  •  Adjustable fan head.
  •  6 different color options.
  •  Long life battery.


  • Though the fan comes with an enclosed case but babies small finger can easily fit into it.So always use the fan at a safe distance from your baby.


9.KEYNICE Clip on Fan

KEYNICE Clip on Fan

Another best stroller fan justifying the saying that “big things come in small packages”. This petite and humble stroller fan is capable of blowing quite a strong breeze to quickly cool off your baby on a muggy afternoon. Just make sure that the fan is not more than 12 inches away. 

You will be relieved to know that the gaps on the casing are too small to let a baby’s finger pass through. The fan has a good amount of heft to it, despite its small stature. I loved the clip-on mechanism on this. These clips are as sturdy as they can be, allowing for a strong grasp on various surfaces. 

You can also use it as a freestanding fan if you want to. What’s even better is that you can manually twist the fan head in every possible direction and it also bi-directionally oscillates for up 50 degrees.

It has an impeccable battery life for the price. One full charge packs enough fuel for a 5-28 hour long operation.


  • Strong and robust clips.
  • The head can be adjusted in multiple directions. 
  • Has oscillating function. 
  • Long battery life. 
  • Exceptionally quiet at the low setting, produces a gentle humming noise at medium to high setting. 
  • The blade guard can be easily removed for a quick clean-up. 


  • The cord could have been a little longer. 


10.Diono Stroller FanDiono Stroller Fan

This fan will be a lifesaver for your baby in the summer heat. I like the cage around the fan blades where your baby’s finger can not go through it.If accidentally baby’s finger gets through one of the grills, you don’t need to be panic; it won’t hurt or cut your baby’s finger because the fan blades are blunt.

Diono-Stroller-Fan-clip-on-the-strollerYou can easily attach the fan with clips to any strollers and high chairs. It also has a flexible neck that will allow you to twist and bend the air flow at any angle. The fan color is bright that will entertain your child while on the move. This stroller fan is battery operated. Although it only requires 2 AA batteries (not included).


  • Strong clamp, fits onto stroller or car seat easily.
  • Long battery life.
  • Fan blades are protected by the cage though so little fingers can’t touch the fan blades.
  • Fan doesn’t generate a very strong breeze, produced a decent amount of cooler air.


  • The fan only has 1 speed.
  • Not rechargeable.

What to look while buying a stroller fan:

In the market, there are different models stroller fan available in each budget range. You might get confusing to choose which will be the right one for your baby. However, the budget should not be the deciding factor whiles you purchasing. With a few helpful tips, you can easily pick the best stroller fan for both you and your baby.

Fan case: Fan case is one of the main factors to consider while you buying a stroller fan. Most stroller fan available on the market that has slotted cases. Babies and young children are always curious and may want to push their finger into those spaces and they can get unnecessarily injured by the fan’s blades. If you want to avoid this kind of accident then you have to choose a stroll fan with a case that encloses the blades perfectly.

Fan blades: Choose a stroller fan that blades are made of foam or are well enclosed in a case. Foam blades are safer for baby. If your baby accidentally hit them, it will just stop moving and does not hurt their fingers.

Battery Backup: Bearing the scorching heat and humidity of summer is a nightmare for us, adults. We tend to go haywire during power cuts. Then imagine how our super sensitive babies might feel if the battery of his stroller fan dies out midway? Especially if you are a working parent, thus unable to recharge the fan every hour.

My best advice would be to be a little generous with your budget and get your hands on a fan that runs for at least 4-6 hours on a single charge in this case. If you are a stay-at-home parent, then you can go for a model whose battery life lasts for about 2 hours. Baby stroller fan models also run on non-rechargeable standard batteries. Any decent model of this type should come with at least 25000+ hours of battery life. You also need to make sure that the batteries are easily available locally. Remember that the battery will drain out faster if the fan runs on full speed all throughout the day.

Material: PVC and ABS are the most commonly used materials for the construction of baby stroller fans. Since safety and durability should be your primary concerns while buying a baby stroller fan, it’s best to ensure that the material used is resistant to impact, high heat and also, waterproof.

Grip: As long as you are buying a stroller with a clip-on joint, make it a point to ensure that the clips are tightly attached to the canopy of the stroller to handle. Give a good shake to make sure that fan has zero chance of falling off when in motion.

Noise-free: Don’t choose a fan that makes noise sound. It will disturb your baby when they fall asleep.

Weight: You may need to attach the stroller fan to your stroller’s canopy, handle or many other things, that’s why the weight of the fan is important for you. Therefore choose a stroller fan that is lightweight so you can carry it almost anywhere you want.

Operating mode: A Stroller fan is rechargeable through the USB cable, batteries or both. So when you choosing a stroller fan, check if it works on batteries and if it can be recharged via USB cable.

Adjustable Speed: A stroller fan with 2 to 3 adjustable speeds option is a big plus for you. You can easily adjust the fan speed lower or higher depending on temperatures of the environment.

The benefit of stroller fan:

Keep baby cool in the stroller: In the summer, Stroller becomes very hot when you use it outside at the park. Consequently, the baby shows reluctance to ride in a stroller; they ask their parents to fan them as they feel very uncomfortable and sometimes they cry. In that case, a stroller fan plays a critical role to keep your small baby cool and comfortable in the stroller. A stroller fan creates a cooling breeze which helps to refresh your baby.

Useable for multiple purposes: Most stroller fans are compact small and portable so you can be used them for outdoor activities. You can also attach the stroller fan to your tent, in the crib, high chair or even in your car. A stroller fan can be placed on any surface, so you could use it for your desk, laptop or computer. You can also attach a stroller fan on your stroller handle while you already attach a stroller organizer.

Essential Dose of Vitamin-D: I can understand that you don’t want your child’s skin to get exposed to the high heat of the sun. That’s why most parents tend to cover their bundle of joy with blankets on a stroller when they take them out in broad daylight. But some of you may not know that sunlight is a great source of Vitamin-D. So how can you possibly let him have a sizeable dose of Vitamin-D without risking skin burns? Get a stroller fan, fam!

Bye Bye Bugs: A stroller fan will keep the mosquitoes and bugs at bay when you take your baby out for a leisurely stroll in the park or road.

Entertained: You’ll be delighted to see that the stroller fan doesn’t only keep your baby cool and comfy it also give them entertained with its bright color and cool design.

How to Use a Stroller Fan?

Using a baby stroller fan is no macaron-baking. It’s just a fan and we all have been using fans since we learned to say the word “FAN”. Well, at least I did, I was a smart kid, you know!

Anyway, here a few pointers I feel you should keep in mind while using a stroller fan in a stroller or crib. Here they go:

  • Do not place the fan too close to the baby. It goes without saying that babies are adventurous creatures. They just have to tinker with anything and everything within their reach, be it a stroller fan or nuclear weapon, everything is a plaything when you are a baby. So, in order to prevent your child from inserting his finger inside the casing of the blade, place it at least a foot or two away from his reach. Better be safe than sorry.
  • Adjust the fan speed according to the ambient temperature and your baby’s comfort level. If the fan speed is too low or high for your toddler’s comfort, he or she might end up feeling either uncomfortable or cold. So, keep an eye on that too.
  • If you are opting for a USB rechargeable model, make sure you always have a power bank or inverter handy. This is even more so important during the hottest month of the year in areas with frequent power outage issues.

How to Clean a Stroller Fan?

Always look out for a low-maintenance model which most baby stroller usually are. All you need is regular dusting and a quick wipe with a clean cloth. You can also use a fan cleaner mop if you want to go a bit fancy and you like cleaning.

In order to keep the device operating at an optimum condition for a long time, I’d suggest a bi-monthly or monthly deep cleaning of the blades with a fan cleaner liquid.


Stroller fans are such an important item that helps your baby to keep cool in hot weather. It is a lifesaver for your baby while they are outing in their stroller. So take your time to plan and consider what type of stroller fan you really need to purchase. Always try to consider the product quality, not the budget.

We believe that YXwin 2019 newest is the best stroller fan on the market. It has several great features that make the fan different from other fans.  Its battery lasts forever and for a fan so small, the airflow is unbelievable. This is the kind of stroller fan your baby needs to remain sweat-free and comfortable on an excruciating summer day. The fan is also lightweight and has a big sturdy clamp that allows to attaches the fan anywhere on the regular stroller or Disney stroller.

Despite being so powerful, the fan is whisper-quiet. It also offers essential features like variable speed setting and oscillation. And the best part, you can charge the fan via USB while in use. Most importantly, the fan has a baby-safe design as its blade guard cover has very small gaps. 

All these great characteristics enough to show why this is the best baby stroller fan on our list.

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