10 Best Non-WiFi Baby Monitor 2021 (No Hack, No Worries)


61% Americans worry about their home security cameras being hacked Thalesesecurity

That’s a concern! But Did you know technologies like FHSS require no internet and Wifi connections to transfer videos and clips?

Enter Non-Wifi baby monitors! These monitors are 100% secure and use the exact same technology that we are talking about. No chance of hacking and breach of privacy.

We researched and reviewed some of the best Non Wifi baby monitors that will help you monitor your baby safely. Most of these devices are lightweight, portable and offer great video and audio quality.

10 Best Non-WiFi Baby Monitor 2021 Reviews

1.Infant Optics DXR 8 Video Baby Monitor

Best for: All-around functionality and expandability

Transmission range: 700-ft

Battery life: 8-12 hours

Infant Optics DXR8 Video Baby Monitor with Interchangeable Optical Lens

Infant Optics DXR-8 is by far the best baby monitor that doesn’t require wifi. The device is reliable for long term use and its functionalities are unmatched compared to monitors at any price range.

The 320×240 display is nothing to brag about. But the details are sharp and crisp even from a 6-ft distance whether it’s on day mode or night vision mode.

The user interface is simple, reliable and doesn’t give you headaches with weird button placements. The pan and tilt feature controlled from the monitor helps you to gain perfect vision of your baby’s position.


The deal breaker is Infant Optics comes with interchangeable standard and zoom lenses. You can also buy a wide angle lens separately. But the standard lens is enough for everything.

If you want an upgradable monitor to watch over multiple kids or the future ones coming, this is what you need. You can connect 4 of the Infant Add on Camera and make best use of this device.

Additional features like temperature monitoring and two way talking with the baby makes this monitor immensely versatile. The audio quality is absolutely clear.

Just to let you know, the current version is now upgraded with a USB charging capability and doesn’t make the annoying beeps when it loses signal. That’s a relief!

The only issue we found was that the device has some troubles with interference. Solution: Just keep your phone and other devices connected to the 2.4GHz wifi a little away from the monitor.


  • Power-saver mode increases battery life (hear audio without visuals).
  • Connect up to 4 add-on cameras.
  • Ability to use standard, zoom lens and aftermarket wide angle lens.
  • Doesn’t make beeping noises when signal is weak.
  • Crisp and clear audio and video.


  • Interference issues with other devices (can be solved).



2.Babysense Video Baby Monitor

Best for: Portability and budget-oriented parents

Transmission range:900 ft

Battery capacity:8-12 hours

Babysense Video Baby Monitor

The Babysense is one of the best non-wifi baby monitors in the budget range! It’s a deal-breaker device that has got the right basics needed to monitor babies safely and reliably.

The smallest screen size combined with the insignificant 14.1 oz weight, makes this truly portable. The resolution isn’t HD but is enough to figure out the details of your baby’s position and works well even in IR night vision mode. Keep in mind, it has a manual pan and tilt function. So, you need to fix the position before returning to your room.

The Eco mode is probably the best feature you can get at such a low price. It lets the monitor turn off and activate when it hears noises or the baby crying. There’s an LED light that flashes to make you alert. It’s a bit bright and can be annoying sometimes.

Additional features like temperature alert and timer for reminding feeding time are much appreciated. You can connect up to 4 cameras on this model, so it functions like a twin baby monitor. The only disappointment is the eco mode isn’t available when you have multi-cameras.

Overall, Babysense steals away the show in the market where good baby monitors range from $100-$150. It has a pretty good range covering 3-4 rooms of distance without issues. Recommended!


  • Eco mode alerts you when detects noise (only LED alert).
  • 2x digital zoom helps to closely monitor your baby.
  • Reliable IR night vision mode.
  • Two-way audio plus play lullabies to soothe the young one.


  • Eco mode not available in multi-camera setting.
  • LED flashing is overly bright.


3.Vava Baby Monitor

Best for: High Quality video and amazing battery life

Transmission range:900 ft

Battery capacity:12-24 hours

Vava baby monitor

With Approx. 12 hours of battery life on display mode, you only need to charge Vava just once a day. But the real USP of this monitor is its 720p resolution and large screen for superb images.

Getting started is fast and straightforward as it is pre-configured. Just turn the monitor and camera on and that’s it. It has a monitor controlled zoom and pan feature that makes your life easier. On top of that, the 2X and 4X zoom features help to watch your baby more closely than ever.


Vava has a noise alert function that gives alarm when a noise is made. You set the sensitivity of the noise or turn the sound off to get alerted through the LED light. It has a pretty accurate temperature monitoring function compared to the rest of the models here.

You can connect four more cameras to the unit, which works alternately. Additionally, there’s a two-way talkback feature but it didn’t live to our expectations as the audio quality is pretty poor on both sides.

The higher price range is possibly because of the high quality video and above-average quality of temperature reading. If that’s what you prefer most, then go for it.


  • Zoom up to 4X enables close monitoring.
  • 720P high quality display to enjoy the details.
  • Automatic night vision mode for uncompromised visibility.
  • Temperature is comparably more accurate.
  • Long battery life.


  • Audio quality on the intercom mode is not of the highest quality.
  • Green LED lights is annoying as it doesn’t turn off.



4.Eufy Baby Monitor

Best for: Undisrupted Connection

Transmission range:460 ft

Battery capacity:15 hoursEufy Baby Monitor

Don’t get fooled by the low transmission range on the Eufy baby monitor. You can still remain connected from 2 floors away. And it’s the best in the business for stable and undisrupted connection with little to no interference at all.

Being a 720p monitor, you will get totally crisp and high-resolution footage. The included lens gives you 110 degrees viewing angle with additional pan and tilt functionalities.

If you are a heavy sleeper, you might fancy the VOX alert feature on this model as the alarm activates when the baby cries. However, it would have been better just to activate the audio instead of the alarm. Not a big deal!

We loved the quality of the audio and especially the two-way talk feature. It’s perfectly clear and audible. Eufy displays the current time on the screen, which is handy for parents to stay on track for feeding and diaper changes.

Unlike some of the others, this non-wifi monitor doesn’t make those annoying beeps when the battery ends. For many users, this is a deal breaker. On top of that, you can add extra Eufy Add on Camera to upgrade the system for multiple children.

One of the weak points of this device is that it comes with a corner wall mount. So, it becomes a lot harder to mount on other positions of the wall.


  • Get notified when noise level rises.
  • Seamless connection and less interference.
  • No beeping when the battery becomes low.
  • High-Quality day and night video.


  • Corner wall mount is not limits hangabilty.



5.Anmeate Baby Monitor

Best for: High-Quality Night vision functionality on budget

Transmission range:960-ft

Battery capacity:8 hours (in eco-mode)

Anmeate Baby Monitor

If you want the best non-wifi baby monitor with clear night vision on a budget, the Anmeate is what you should go for. It’s pretty similar to the Babysense model we reviewed, just the difference is this one has a bit better video quality.

With 8 infrared LED lights, you can monitor your baby even in the dark. The night vision activates automatically when light is scarce. Add to it 2X zoom for better visibility. Although the camera rotation is manual, it has higher degrees of pan and tilt than most other models.

It has the Eco-mode feature and alerts you via the LED indicators when it detects noise. You can also turn the screen off and remain only on audio mode. Apart from this, the ability to talk back and play lullabies are nice additions.

The monitor is upgradable to use with four extra cameras. This is a cool feature to have at such a price range. However, it has some glitches as it makes beeping noise when it loses connection.


  • Clear auto night vision.
  • Get alerted when baby makes noise (LED alert).
  • Increased rotation on pan and tilt options.
  • Play audio only and keep the video off.


  • Makes beeping noise when connection is lost.



6.HeimVision HM136 Video Baby Monitor

Best for: Heavy Sleepers

Transmission range: 1000-ft

Battery capacity: 5 hours (on video mode)

HeimVision HM136 Video Baby Monitor

Heimvision comes at a medium price range, which makes it quite affordable and also reliable. It’s constant beeping alarm when baby cries is helpful for heavy sleeping parents. For light sleepers, you should consider other devices.

The 720p resolution with 5-inch display at this price is highly appreciated, which ensures rich video output. Besides that, you can control the pan and tilt options from the monitor itself.

Like all other models, it has two-way talk function and can support up to 4 cameras. What’s cool is the feeding reminder, which can be set at time intervals from 30 minutes to 2.5 hours. Many parents found this feature more than useful.

The battery life is just 5 hours on the video mode. That’s enough for most parents. However, the main concern is that the battery might become weak after 6 or so months of use as many users have reported.


  • Widescreen with high quality video enhances user experience.
  • Set reminder for feeding and diaper changes.
  • Power-saving mode to hear only voice.
  • Mount bracket and screws makes mounting on the wall easier.


  • Battery might not last long.



7.MoonyBaby Monitor

Best for: Long range connection

Transmission range: 1000-ft

Battery capacity: 6-8 hours

MoonBaby Monitor

You’ll love Moonybaby for one big reason- it stays connected for a comparably longer distance. We do have other monitors that support 1000-ft range, but this model is just a bit better. Thus, it’s one of the best non-wifi baby monitors in this list.

The voice activation mode has better functionality. The screen turns on as soon as it detects sound. The best part is it doesn’t wake up with soft noises and activates only when the baby cries or yells hard.

The video quality is satisfactory with zoom in and manual rotation functionalities. It has an automatic night vision, but with a small flaw. It takes a lot of light to get out of night vision.

Features like Talk back and temperature monitoring are bonus. Like other models, you can expand the monitor to 4 other cameras. Considering the price and long range support, it’s a pretty good non-wifi baby monitor to purchase.


  • Voice activation mode is well-built and activates with louder noises.
  • 360-degree camera rotation (only manually operated).
  • Temperature alerts.
  • Optimal screen size.


  • Requires quite a bit of light to shift from the night vision mode.



8.Goodbaby Monitor

Best for: High-quality audio

Transmission range: 960-ft

Battery capacity: 8-12 hours

Goodbaby Video Baby Monitor with Camera and Audio

The Goodbaby monitor has one of the best microphones compared to other models in the review. So, that makes the two-way talk with the baby very precise and clear.

The video quality is crisp and the colors are just right to understand the details. The automatic night vision mode also brings you vivid display. So, that’s a plus point.

There’s a vox mode that will alert you when the baby cries. Additionally, the feeding reminder function is always nice to have on a baby monitor. The monitor does have the ability to connect to 4 other cameras, but we couldn’t find them anywhere online. Contact the seller if you are into that.

The only disappointment we have with the device is it doesn’t have panning or tilting abilities. But the zoom function makes up for that as you can use the arrows on the monitor to move around. You can consider the newer version of Goodbaby monitor, if you want pan or tilt options.


  • Good battery backup and range.
  • Advanced microphone provides high quality audio output.
  • Small and portable size.
  • Clear and vivid night vision.


  • Doesn’t pan or tilt



9.Motorola Video Baby Monitor

Best for: Brand value

Transmission range: 1000-ft

Battery capacity: 3 hours (in video mode)

Motorola Video Baby Monitor

Motorola is one the trusted brands in the home equipment niche. If brand value is important for you, Motorola might be right for you. What’s great is the addition of a Smart thermometer to this package.

The device has an eco mode that lets you turn off the video but keep the audio running. You can set the time between 5-30 minutes for the monitor to shut off.  It has other functionalities like two-way talk, lullabies and temperature reading.

Overall, the image quality and night vision is satisfactory. The pan or tilt options are amazing in this model and you can remotely control them.

The Smart Ear Thermometer that comes with it is handy. It has an LCD screen and also connects to your smartphone to give you readings.

We expected Motorola to have a better battery life. You can gain just 3 hours of operation in the video mode. If you are comfortable using the unit plugged in all the time, then go for it.


  • Pans and tilts perfectly.
  • Included smart thermometer is of high quality.
  • Doesn’t annoy with alarms in the eco mode.
  • Large and intuitive screen.


  • Battery life is not up to the mark (keep it plugged in).


10.HelloBaby Video Baby Monitor

Best for: Temperature monitoring and alerts

Transmission range: 960-ft

Battery capacity: 8 hours

HelloBaby Video Baby Monitor

The Hello Baby is another budget-friendly monitor that will get the job done! The temperature sensor is pretty close to accurate and keeps you alert.

It has a Vox mode which saves power and also wakes you up when there is noise. For heavy sleepers this mode is just perfect. Additionally, you can use the talkback feature anywhere within the 960-ft range.

The cameras have pan and tilting functionalities with digital zoom. So, it does have everything needed for safe monitoring of your baby. You can add additional Hello baby cameras to take full advantage of the monitor.

However, the real issue is with the battery life. It might not last as long as the manufacturer advertises.


  • Two-way talkback is functional at any range within the limits.
  • Feeding and temperature alerts.
  • Play lullabies and talk to your kid.
  • Good transmission range.


  • Might not hold charge as long as advertised.



Why Should You Get The Best Non-WiFi Baby Monitor?

When there are loads of crazy hackers and privacy issues out there, you can’t leave your baby to monitor using the wifi/internet. You never know who is peeping at your baby and what disasters are waiting for you!

Baby monitors without wifi, makes your life easier. Let’s check out how-

1. Ensures Maximum Security

In this age of virtual web, you can’t secure your privacy with a 100% surety, because most of the things we share through the internet is hackable.

But, most of the reputable best non-WiFi baby monitor manufacturers use the FHSS technology to ensure your maximum privacy protection. With this technology, its frequency hops rapidly and randomly, which makes it almost impossible for a hacker to hack the system.

2. Offers an Uninterrupted Connection

Baby monitors that connect through WiFi, depend on both the internet connection at home. The internet connection might be down late at night, but a few moments of missing vision of your baby can frighten you.

But with a non-wifi monitor, you won’t need to worry about the data connection anymore.

That’s why for new moms, or moms with a little child at home, a non-WiFi baby monitor is the best choice.

3. Easy Functioning, Portable and Simple Setup

Non-WiFi baby monitors need no additional software or cables, that makes it really easy to set up and operate.

Some of these monitors are lightweight and feature long-lasting batteries. So, you can carry it with you when you are traveling somewhere with your baby.

Conclusion & Editor Choice

The baby monitors we reviewed are 100% secured and they are packed with very handy functionalities. However, the Infant Optics DXR-8 has an edge over the others and thus it’s the best non-wifi baby monitor in this list.

This particular model has the option to use 3 different lenses, which we think is unique and helpful. The audio is super clear and it’s user-friendly. Because of its reliability to use on a long term basis and upgradability to 4 cameras, we highly recommend this model.

Models like Babysense and Eufy are also close competitors and depending on your needs and budget, your decision might vary.

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