10 Best Wagons For Kids & Toddlers 2022 – Buying Guide


Admit it, as kids and even as adults, we all like to go “wheeeeee” on wheels. Being able to move like a free spirit, like a rolling stone has something ecstatic about it. Perhaps that’s why wagons have been so popular among kids and toddlers for generations. Even parents love this transporting gear knowing their children are safely bucked to a place while having a time of their lives.

Versatility is a virtue common to all the wagon made today. Whether you need a contemporary design with tons of bells and whistles or a classic metal box wagon, it all depends on how you intend to use it. Fret not, I’ve done the hard part on you’re your behalf- researching! Below I have listed and reviewed 10 of the best wagons for kids & toddler. Check them out!

ImagesProducts Name
Step2 All Around Canopy Wagon
Radio Flyer Full Size Terrain Wagon
Little Tikes Deluxe Umbrella Wagon
Radio Flyer Ultimate EZ Wagon
Little Tikes Lil Wagon
Step2 Choo Kids Wagons
Hauck Eco Pull - Along Wagons
Radio Flyer Comfort Wagon
Radio Flyer Classic Red Wagon
EasyGo Folding Collapsible Wagon

10 Best Wagons For Kids & Toddler 2022

1.Step2 All Around Canopy Wagon

 Step2 All Around Canopy Wagon, RedThe perfect red color pulls along wagon for your multi-functional uses. The red color symbolizes the love and passion to kids. It’s obvious that your babies are going to love its ride along with the beauty.It’s one of the best wagons for kids in today’s market for some good reason.

The seats are designed for comfortable seating and shadowed by a shade to protect your kids from sun rays (or if you get stuck in a light rain on a walk).

Like all the good wagon in the world, this one is also built to last. Canopy offers the best product when it is for babies. The manufacturer never plays with the emotion of the parents and kiddos.

It is made in the USA and all the parts are imported. This canopy wagon offers the easy-access door for the kids to get in and out of that latches. The storage capacity is bigger and well designed to carry snacks, toys, and other small items. It also comes with 6 drink holders, 4 in the wagon and 2 on the outside.

storage area

You can tie your kids with the belt on it and make a ride all around the garden and sea beach. It is appropriate for use in both weather summer and winter.

Are you thinking about the age requirements for using this wagon? From 5 months to 4 years of babies can easily enjoy its rides.


  • Seats are nearly so flat to give comfortable seating experience.
  • The canopy cover is easy to remove (if it’s cloudy).
  • Tires don’t create any sound while riding. It gives the best whisper ride that you will ever want.
  • You can make it lasts for years and years for its longer durability.
  • It is not pricey and everyone can afford it.


  • You may face difficulty to put together it.


2.Radio Flyer Full Size All Terrain Wagon

Radio Flyer Full Size All-Terrain Steel & Wood Wagon
It has the most classic look for all-terrain steel and wooden design. The red color classical wagon has the 10″ tires for the smooth performance on riding. Its handle is extra-long and keeps yourself comfortable while you make a ride for your kids.But external appearance is not the most important parameter. What genuinely makes this one the best wood wagon in its league is its functionality. 

To begin with, the handle of this gorgeous wagon is easily foldable to make more storage capacity.. This wagon has the splendid controllable turning radius and prevents tipping.


The toughest body made with all body steel construction gives the perfect classical blemishes. The stakes sides are wooden to give the protection to kids from falling aside.

The rubber tires move perfectly on any kind of terrain, sandy beach, and gritting roads. The wagon isn’t that much heavy in weight and can move easily without much force. You can make the ride very easily all around any kind of road. You can also use this wagon to bring in supplies from your car.



  • The whole body is made of steel.
  • The seamless body holds no-scratch edges.
  • The handle is larger and you can fold it for making spacious.
  • The turn radius is smoother and easily controllable.


  • There is no seatbelt in this wagon and the sides are also not very high so you have to be careful that your child does not climb out.


3.Little Tikes Deluxe Wagon

Little Tikes Deluxe Ride and Relax Wagon with Umbrella

If you are looking for the best beach wagon to enjoy the summer with your little bunnies, the next product on my list deserves your attention.  

It has versatile functions for the whole family. You can take it anywhere for the family trip, garden, park, and tailgate party.  It can easily turn into a bench where you can sit down and rest while your kids are playing at the playground.

You can also sit beside your children on the bench. There is also have some space underneath the seats for blankets, drinks, snacks, really anything you’d need to store.

The sky color of the wagon is the real attraction for its users. The umbrella attaches to the wagon is helpful for the kids to keep them away from the sunlight.


Optimal child safety is the key feature of all the quality wagons for kids in the world.This wagon comes with seatbelts for ensuring the most secure ride to your baby. On the outside of the wagon have two drink holder and an attached cooler to store ice to keep your drinks cool for more time and also has side pockets to store little snacks.


  • Easy to put together.
  • Can hold drinks and snacks for everyone.
  • The removable sides enable you to carry any essential products with you without facing any hassle.
  • You can sit on this wagon while you’re just tired of roaming around the beach with your kids.


  • There is no Velcro strap to wrap the umbrella closed and also no place to store it.
  • Some users complain that the front wheels are a little awkward to turn.



4.Radio Flyer Ultimate EZ  Wagon

 Radio Flyer Ultimate EZ Folding Wagon for kids and cargo

The EZ folding wagon is one of the best folding wagon with canopy in our list. Its design is unique and exceptional. You can choose it for its beautiful black, white, and red color blemishes. Your kids are going to love its outlook while having a ride on it.

Do you have babies more than one?

This wagon is very much useful to the parents who have two or more babies.  The 2 seat belt for safety also makes this wagon innovative. You can provide the safest ride to your child without worrying much about slipping from the wagon.


The wagon also comes with a canopy that will keep your babies safe from the sunlight and even from the rain. The 4 poles for the canopy can easily go up and down with a button, easy enough to do with one hand. You can also remove the canopy and store it in a back pocket.

This wagon is also easy to fold with just one hand all you have to do just pull the handle in the middle of the wagon and you are done.


Its handle is able for minimizing. You can easily transport it with the highest comfortable level. The handle also can be held onto the side of the wagon by a little magnet so that it isn’t falling all over the place when you’re not pulling it.

The weight is not so heavier and very much friendly to move easily. The comfort riding is its ideal quality that you just can’t ignore for your babies. This wagon also comes with 4 cup holder 2 on the inside of the wagon for babies and 2 on the outside for adult.


  • Weight is lighter than most of the commercial wagons available in the market.
  • Easily storable and can ride on any terrain without any hassle.
  • Small enough to keep in the car.
  • The material is washable.
  • The top is easy to take off if you don’t need the shade.


  • I wish if this wagon could stand alone when folded.



5.Little Tikes Lil Wagon

If you want a small wagon for your kids to pull their toys around in the house or in the garden then Little Tikes Lil’ wagon is the perfect one for you. Its body is plastic made and bondage. It has the perfect classic red color that never fades away. Any toddler can pull it in a right way.


It’s not so much bigger in size. You can put some toys and funny pieces of stuff in the wagon to let play your baby. It’s not just the compactness and portability that make it the best wagons for kids in the market right now. Despite its limited size, this wagon boats of a robust build, a simple but classic design, and most of all, flexibility.

It’s suitable for the 9 months to 2 years babies. The handle is perfect for a tiny person to operate and it can also easily fold into the wagon for storage. The wheels are appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use.


  • Easy for kids to pull.
  • Small enough to carry everywhere.
  • Holds a lot of stuff.
  • Won’t require much space of your home.
  • Very light in weight.


  • The front wheels don’t swivel for turning, but it’s still easy to turn.



6.Step2 Choo Choo Wagon

Step2 Choo Choo Kids Wagon

Looking for the best twins wagon to give your twins a fun ride, that too in their own private caboose? Consider checking this one out.

This wagon is fashioned after a tiny toy train. Sounds fascinating, right? The wagon comes with two separate cars that provide the comfortable first class seating options for both babies.

It also molded-in cup holders, roomy foot wells, and seat belts for a safe ride. The front seat (the red one) has some storage so you can carry all your necessary items into it.



  • Separate compartments options for a comfortable ride.
  • Very easy to maneuver.
  • Easy to put together.


  • The handle is weaker and could bends when you try to pull it.


7.Hauck Eco Wagon

 Hauck Eco Wagon - Forest Green

If you want an everyday use wagon then Hauck Eco is the ideal one for you. This is one of the best wagons for toddlers for purposes like landscaping, camping, or hauling stuff. This wagon is a dream wagon for many users.


It has the superior lightweight feature that many manufacturers fail to offer in their wagon. It also comes with padded seat inserts for two kiddos, so your babies can sit comfortably in the wagon and can enjoy riding around in it.

Its handles are comfortable to hold for a longer time. You can enjoy up to 2 miles walk pulling this all-terrain wagon without getting any pain at the hand. You can also fold the wagon with just a few clicks and after folded you can carry it anywhere in your car.

Super comfortable handleThe weather shade gives the final touch to its features and makes it superior to its users. It has rubber wheels which are a big plus that can give a smooth ride over bumpy surfaces. It also comes with handy brakes on both back wheels which do a great job holding the wagon in place, even with a heavy load.


  • Multi-functional hand-pulled wagon to carry a load of stuff.
  • Comfortable and flexible handle grip for longer jaunts.
  • Has a pad in the bottom of the wagon. So, the rider won’t feel any pain and gets back support.
  • The fabric is hand washable.
  • Removable canopy.


  • No straps or buckles system for those looking to strap their kids in.
  • No cupholders.



8.Radio Flyer All-Terrain Comfort Wagon

Radio Flyer All-Terrain Ultimate Comfort Wagon
Radio Flyer is one of the best all-terrain wagon that you can buy for your kids. This wagon has a lot of unique features that make it different from others wagons.

The wagons in the market today come with padded seat covers and seatbelts that ensures a comfortable ride for both babies. Radio Flyer is no exception. Moreover, the backs of the seat covers have little pockets that you can be used to keep your sunglasses, sunblock, taser, etc.

You can also fold both the seats down and makes it a little activity table to use the wagon as well a wagon to carry stuff in or give the baby a place to nap.


It has cup holders and a huge storage bag attached to the back so you can fit a lot into it. The canopy cover is also a great idea for protection the babies from the bright sun or rain. The handle is perfectly placed so your back will not get hurt while you pulling the wagon.


  • Removable canopy.
  • Has 4 cup holders (2 inside and 2 outside).
  • Has small extra storage space under the rear seat.
  • The interior seats can be completely flat for sleeping or diaper changing.
  • The wheels go well on multiple surfaces.


  • The canopy is very weak.


9.Radio Flyer Classic Red Wagon

Radio Flyer Classic Red Wagon Ride On

If you want something simple for your kids then Radio Flyer Classic Red Wagon will be a perfect choice. The wagon is designed with parents in mind, is well-built, easy to assemble and you can also use this wagon as a gardening tool to transport anything and everything.In a nutshell, it has all the essential features to qualify it as the best pull along wagon at this price point.


The wheels are substantial with good rubber tires ( which will minimize the noise factor) and the wagon body is made of durable steel that means this wagon will last your child through their growing up years and can be passed down to their brothers or sisters and even the next generation.


The Extra-long handle is also great. It can fold under the wagon for easy storage and it’s built to prevent tipping.


  • The wagon is very easy to put together.
  • Can be used to carry heavy items.
  • Comes with real rubber tires for a quiet ride.


  • The only drawback is the wagon’s wheels smell very smoky after unboxing.

10.EasyGo Wagon

 EasyGoProducts EGP-WGN-001-R EasyGo Sports Heavy Duty Folding All Terrain Utility Garden – Beach – Camping Red Wagon

When you are a search of a strongest and toughest wagon for the longer times of use, you can try EasyGo Wagon. It has the suitable collapsible utility that fits in the trunk of any standard car.

Your home garage will look more classic for it small place grabbing with the high fashion look. Children fall in love with its features and look. From water bottles to the badminton, your kids can carry their playing and necessary stuff in it.


The canopy covers the whole vehicle whereas other wagon fails to give the full protection from the sunlight. You don’t even worry about the tipping while you turn the wagon.

Parents who love to go on rides for dirt, sand, street, and beach, they would love it. It has the heavy-duty wheels and tires to endure the toughest terrain. Its patented folding design is super cool.


  • You don’t need to set anything after unboxing the packet.  Easy to install.
  • The handle has a place to snap it in when the wagon needs to unfold and set up.
  • The Shade cover is easily removable.
  • Can be Store easily in any trunk.


  • You may not be able to use this wagon in a smaller place( like a museum).



Why Should You Invest In A Wagon?

Life is easier with the right equipment and gears. You can make your life easier with the right belongings. Buying a wagon is always handy for you and your kids. It’s not only a product for one use. There are so many versatile uses that a wagon has for making your investment worthy. To carry your babies and other belongings is always easier with the wagon.

There are a couple of questions I need you to ask yourself before you begin your hunt.

Do you have a garden?

The best thing a gardener can enjoy with a wagon is the best gardening experience. It helps you to carry all the gardening tools all around the home to garden.

You can even make a beach tour with the wagon and carry all the struggling things easily.  A wagon isn’t only required to carry kids. You can carry your groceries from the store to home very easily without much hassle. You don’t need to carry all the things in your arms and make them painful.

For better Exercise

Wagons can be a great source of exercise for your children. While they pull the wagon, most of their muscles keep working. Thus they will end up using a lot of energy and experience a night of good sleep.

You don’t need to force them for doing exercise ever again!

Toy storage

Your kids have a lot of toys that they scatter around the home. And at the end of the day, it can become a nightmare searching them.

The solution? They can use the wagon to store their toys. And with a little bit of teaching, it can become a fun activity to collect scattered toys when they are finished playing.

What to look before buying the best wagons for kids?

The old days are gone. You don’t need to actually go for the wagon which is made of wood and very much heavy. You can select the appropriate wagon following your standards.

Baby Wagons are available in varieties of the collection. You can choose from the higher range to a lower range in the perspective of quality and price. We will clear how you will select the best wagon for your kids. Investing in a suitable wagon keeps you relax from tedious work. Pulling the wagons aren’t so interesting or enjoyable. Pulling them can make you tiresome terribly. So, you have to know some particular things before you buy a wagon for your kids.

Space Capacity:

The most important thing you may need to consider is space. Are you looking for a small wagon for storing toys? Or do you simply want the wagons that ensure ultimate fun and maximum comfort? The storage capacity of your wagon will depend on that.

Most wagons allow for carrying one to five kids. You will need bigger space owning 5 kids while you can manage in a smaller one for one or two kids.  Make sure you are picking the well-spacious wagon allowing the number of babies or things you want to carry.

User Comfortability:

Pushing a hatchback or wagon is not a pleasant thing to do. You have to put a lot of pressure and forced to do it. The wagons vary from lightweight to heavier. You can check the weight and comfortability level before you select a wagon for you. The lightweight wagons aren’t always durable for longer use. They may break down easily where heavy wagons may run for longer time.


The price is an essential factor. It’s not mandatory to maintain a big commercial budget for buying a wagon. You can get the best-qualified wagon for kids at a minimum price. The higher range of price is not so important here. You can focus on the best quality fixing your budget.

Folding V/S Non-Folding:

Folding is always better than non-folding wagons in terms of storage, flexibility, durability, and useful. The most of its benefits are portable, lighter, and reliable. If you tend to travel outdoor places or beaches, lakes, etc. then you must own a folding wagon.

A folding wagon will help you to carry it easily anywhere with you. It will make your traveling hassle free and gives you the comfortable trolling in the outdoor places. Like, if you want to transport supplies or kids to gardens, beaches, lakes, etc. You can easily carry a folding wagon in your car and it doesn’t even grab so much place. Most of the parents don’t prefer non-folding wagon. Non-folding wagons require bigger space. You can’t carry them in your car.

Wagon with or without canopy

Many users just disregard the uses of a canopy in a wagon. If you are buying a wagon for kids, it’s very important to think about this.

Your kids might be playing in the wagon on sunny days for a long period. And you don’t want their skin to burn. A wagon with canopy can be the best solution.

There are two options you can go for:

  1. Buy a wagon that already has a canopy.
  2. Buy a universal canopy or umbrella.

The important thing to know here is that metal and wooden carts don’t usually come with canopies. In that case, you can use the Sport-Brella Versa-Brella or any other sort of universal umbrella with your wagon as an alternative. But make sure that it fits your cart.

When you don’t need the canopy, you can always remove it. Radio Flyer Ultimate EZ Folding Wagon is one of the great wagons for kids that offers easy removal of the canopy.

For saving money, we recommend getting a wagon with canopy.


The best kids wagon utilizes the best-in-class wheels to ensure optimal security and dependability. As simple as that! There are two types of wagons. One kind of wagon include only two wheels and the another includes four wheels. Two-wheeled wagons can’t meet the comfort level like the four wheels wagons can do.

The front and backside wheels are very essential for a wagon. The two-wheeled wagons are not very much comfortable most of the time for the user to move easily. So, most of the wagons users should buy four equipped wheels attaching wagons.

While checking the wheels of the wagons, make sure the wheels are wider. The smaller wheels are not very much capable of roaming over the sandy or rough terrains.

The wheels body is another most important part you need to look for. The wheels body are made of plastic, steel, or aluminum. Plastics are not that much durable comparing to steel. In some cases, the certain kinds of plastics are tougher. You need to check out the quality of the wheel materials for getting the most of user-friendly experience.

Types of Tires

There’s a lot to look into before buying a wagon because you don’t want to buy a whole lot of them for multiple purposes. Instead, it’s best to go for a wagon that serves in most conditions.

The tires are important too. Because if they are not compatible with the terrains, life will become difficult for you and your kids.

But not to worry. There are tires for all sorts of surfaces. You just need to figure out whether it will be used on flat surfaces like pavements or the beach or on all terrains.

For sandy surfaces like the beach, the air tires are the best. Even for camping trips, they offer comfort. But there is a chance of puncture.

There are also full rubber tires that won’t go puncture. But if you use them on the beach, more efforts will be needed. These tires are best for flat surfaces.


To turn and maneuver, you need a flexible handle. A bad handle experience can make your whole wagon disaster. The handle must be bigger enough for pulling and turning. If you are taller than 6 foot and the handle is smaller for you to get in your hand is worst kind of a panic.

Safety Tips To Consider While Riding Wagon:

Before you buy a wagon, you need to ensure your child’s safety. Some of the tips below can help you with that.

  • Make sure the wagon has seat belts, so there is less risk of tumbling.
  • The edges should be smooth. Some plastic wagons have rough edges that can cause serious injuries.
  • You can also choose wagons with wheel locking devices for extra safety.
  • Wagons with bumpers should ensure the safety of your furniture.


Which Kids Wagon Will You Choose?

Looking into all the aspects and advantages, we would recommend you to buy the extraordinary, functional, and innovative Step2 All Around Canopy Wagon. This wagon has everything that a best wagon should have. It is versatile, durable, handier, and comfortable. You will get the highest advantages of a wagon that other wagon fails to offer. Your kids are going to love it for its genuine look. The wagon also has the side cooler system and canopy to provide the complete relaxation.


In our listing of the best wagons for kids & toddlers, there are the top 10 wagons which are best for their own features, pros, and benefits. You just have to know what you need and then make the right choice to buy the appropriate one for you.

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