7 Best Double Umbrella Stroller 2018- Buyer’s Guide

Best double umbrella stroller

Carrying both your baby at the same time can be quite exhausting for you and your husband. In that case, having a best double umbrella stroller can help to make your life much easier. These strollers are not just for twins, but also for children who have near age gaps.

They can fit easily in the trunk, or even on the floor in the backseat, you can also carry them with one hand when closed up.When you select a double umbrella stroller for your kids you should know the stroller pros & cons.

Before going to read the full review of each product take a short look at the table below for an overview.

ImageProduct NameBest For
Delta Children LX Budget Friendly
Joovy ScooterX2 Large Storage Basket
Zoe XL2 Deluxe Travel
Maclaren Twin Techno Newborns
City Mini Double Stroller Stroll in the urban area
Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Growing Family
Contours Options Elite Tandem Comfortable Seat Option


Here Are Top 7 Best Double Umbrella Stroller In 2018

1. Delta Children LX Side by Side stroller

If you want to take a trip with your babies than the Delta LX stroller is perfect for you. It has a lightweight frame and a compact umbrella fold for easy storage and travel. It’s also perfect for strolling out to the park, community garden, and to Disney World. This stroller will be of great use if you have two kids or twins.

Product feature:

Weight: The stroller is very lightweight at only 23 pounds (10.23 kg), and each seat can carry up to 35 pounds (15.91 kg).

Travel-Friendly: The Delta Children LX stroller is foldable. It is 8,211 cubic inches when folded. So you can easily travel with this stroller.delta stroller when foldIndependent Canopies: This stroller has a large canopy. That protects your baby from sun, wind or rain.

Padded Handles: The soft carrying handle is comfortable and It allows you to push the stroller over long distances without getting tired. The height of the handle is also perfect for all parents. It is not too high for short parents and also not too low for taller parents.

Safety: The Delta stroller has 5 point safety harness on both seats. It ensures that the kids are fully secure. The harness also features soft shoulder pads for additional comfort.

Safety padded seat

Recline: The stroller has multi-position recline feature. It offers your baby to incredible comfort, especially to the child who wants to sleep.There are straps behind each seat that you will have to unclip, and then the seat will recline back. The stroller also features footrests that allow your baby to relax their feet on, as they enjoy the ride.

Wheels: All the 6 sets of front wheels and back wheels roll quite well on all terrains, from grass to gravel. The 360 Degree shock absorbing, locking front wheels make it easier to navigate the stroller.

Cup holder: The Delta LX Stroller comes with a parent cup holder to conveniently let you put bottled water or your cup of coffee during morning walks.

Storage bags: It has two large hanging storage bags behind each seat. So you can carry baby toys, snacks, clothes, diapers and other necessities when they travel.

Storage bag

Certificate: The stroller is JPMA Certified, meets or exceeds all ASTM standards, conforms to all applicable CPSC standards.


  •    It is easy to set up.
  •    Reasonable price.
  •    The slim yet sturdy design allows it to fit through standard 30” doors.
  •    Variety of color options.


  •    The handlebar is not adjustable.
  •    The storage bag is not so big like other strollers.



2. The Joovy ScooterX2 Stroller 

The Joovy ScooterX2 stroller is designed with many user-friendly features for both parents and passengers. This stroller has just about everything you want and needs at a budget-friendly cost. If you are planning to go Walt Disney World or Disney Land, or any park with a lot of kids, then this stroller will be a blessed for you. It is perfect for moms with two young ones, or a mother of twins.

Product feature:

Weight: The stroller weight is 39 pound (17.69 kg). Each seat can carry up to 45 pounds (20.45kg).

Safety: A five-point safety harness is included in the seats, and the harness is also reflective, which helps with visibility.

Folding: You can fold up the stroller using your one hand in just a few seconds.  So often, If you are holding something in one hand, you will be able to fold up the stroller with another hand.
Folding strollerReclining Seats: What I mostly like about this stroller is that each seat is fully adjustable, reclining, and independent of the other.

As it often happens, when one baby will fall asleep the other one is awake. So you can lock each seat into almost any position and angle you want, even laying almost completely flat which is perfect for nap time. Each seat also has own in-seat mesh pocket.

Zipper pocket & Holder: Though there isn’t a parent console in the stroller, but there are two drink holders on the back of the canopy. You can put your water bottle in one holder and phone and garage door opener in the other; what I do mostly time.You can also use the zipper pocket to keep hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen.

Wheels: The stroller has double front wheels, which creates a strong foundation and offer extra stability while you strolling with two. It is very easy to maneuver in narrow spaces.

The Joovy ScooterX2 Stroller wheels

Canopy: The canopy of the stroller is huge with a retractable sun visor. It will help to protect your baby from sunniest of the summer days. There is also a window on top of the canopy, so you can peek in on your baby to see they are sleeping or bothering each other.

Basket Bar: The basket of the ScooterX2 stroller is the largest storage basket on the market. It allows you to fit a number of things in there at the same time, such as a large diaper bag, store bags from shopping at the mall, and even a few baby dolls.

Detachable bumper bar: This stroller has a removable bumper bar. The bar stops the little ones from trying to climb out of the stroller. Parents are able to remove the bumper when they need.


  •        Travel-friendly stroller.
  •        100% safety concern.
  •         Fits through any door with thirty inches width.
  •        The height of the handle is perfect for all parents.


  •      The handlebar is a stationary bar that is not adjustable.
  •      The baby less than three months are not able to use the stroller.



3. Zoe XL2 Deluxe Stroller 

If you are looking a stroller for your older babies, then Zoe XL2 Deluxe Stroller will be a perfect one for you and your baby. The first thing that caught my eyes is the light weight of the stroller, which is just 16 pound. In fact, this stroller is lighter than some single stroller. With easy to use, recline and folding features this stroller is beat all lightweight stroller. Your baby will able to use this stroller when they are over 6-month ages.

Product feature:

Weight: The Zoe XL2 Deluxe Stroller weight is 16 pound (7.26kg). Each seat Weight Capacity is 50 pound (23kg).

Safety: The Zoe XL2 stroller has 5 points padded harness on both seats. The padded site is removable, so you can also wash them.


Foldable: The XL2 features Zoe’s is easily foldable with one hand. It has four sets of wheels so it will stand up on its own. So you can travel with this stroller where ever you want.

Warranty & Guarantee: The Zoe XL2 Stroller comes with a  free lifetime Warranty & Guarantee on Wheels! If Your Wheels Break while You Own This Stroller, ZOE Will Fix or Replace them without any cost.

Reclining Seats: This stroller has a deep reclining seat. While it doesn’t have a flat recline, it’s not appropriate for the newborn crowd. Babies will at least need head and neck control to use this stroller.

Canopy: The stroller has 4-Panel Extendable Sunshade Canopies with Magnetic Peekaboo Windows. Four-panel canopies coverage the stroller side by side. It also has a handy dandy pocket for quick access (phone, keys, sunglasses, bottles…)

Storage: When you go out for traveling or riding with your babies you need to take along diaper bags, blankets, jackets, toys, food, extra bottles, etc. So, where are you supposed to put all of your family’s gear?

Don’t worry this stroller has one BIG storage basket instead of two smaller ones. That means you can put all of your necessary in this large storage basket.

Handle Bar: The handlebar of the stroller is 40.5 inches from the ground. So it’s suitable for all parents.

Brakes: The ZOE has nice single action brakes. It works smoothly, easy to set and release, and sandal foot friendly.


  •      3 different color options.
  •      The stroller is very lightweight (16 pounds only).
  •      Lifetime guaranty on the wheels.
  •      The stroller frame is made with strongest and lightest materials.


  • As Zoe want to make the stroller lightweight, they had to sacrifice the wheels. The wheels are not much strong.
  • Newborn baby (less than 6 months) cannot use the stroller.



4.Maclaren Twin Techno Stroller

The Maclaren Twin Techno Stroller will be a perfect choice for your growing family. This stroller has a lot of feature for both newborn & older babies. It has a newborn safety system that confirms your babies 100% safety. If you have enough budget to buy a double umbrella stroller than this stroller perfect for you.

 Product feature:

Weight: The product weight is 39.5 pound (17.15 kg). Basic weight is 13.8kg / 30.4lb (Without hood, shopping basket or rain cover).Stroller carrying capacity is Up to 50kg / 110lb (US).

Appropriate for newborns: The Maclaren Twin Techno Double Stroller can see your children from birth and all the way through their toddler days. You can use this stroller from baby birth up to a maximum weight of 15kg per child (max. 2 children).

Safety: For safety, both seats have 5-point adjustable harnesses. The stroller also has newborn Safety System.

Reclining seat: The stroller has Four-position recline seat. Each seat is independent, adjustable of the other. This allows each child to recline back and take a nap while the other child remains sitting upright. The seats recline with a button push and slide, and sit upright the same way. The seat is also one handed recline.

Canopy: The Twin Techno has independent canopies that slide up the frame to adjust to accommodate the angle of the sun or give your little rider more headroom. Though the canopies aren’t large, but they have an extra sun visor that flips down and gives 10 extra inches of sun coverage. On top of the each canopy has a large viewing window to give you the full view of your child. The canopies are also water resistant.

Included: Rain cover, two head hugger, two cup holders and shoulder pads.

Rain cover included

Storage: This stroller has two small baskets storages. The baskets can hold a purse or baby essentials but not a large diaper bag.

Foldable: You will be able to fold the stroller with one hand. It does not have a self-stand, but it does have an automatic lock that works well. It also has a carry handle, so you can easily carry the stroller after folded.

Maclaren Twin Techno Stroller,Black when folded

Wheels & Brakes: The stroller has 4 wheel suspension for a smooth ride. It performs well on flat surfaces but can be a little tricky over grass, rocks or playground mulch. The stroller also has a foot operated linked brakes.

Handle Bar: This stroller has 2 adjustable handles. So it’s perfect for all tall and short parents. When you feel uncomfortable with the height of the handle you can easily adjust it.


  •   Water resistant canopy.
  •   Raincover included.
  •   Newborn baby safety system.
  •   adjustable Handlebar.
  •   Fits through any door with 29 inches width frame.


  •   Small storage basket.
  •   The stroller is much heavier.



5.Baby Jogger 2016 City Mini Double Stroller

The City Mini Double Stroller is the perfect stroller for running errands or all day excursions in the urban jungle.The kids will able to ride comfortably, nap in the individually reclining seats and were also protected from the sun with the enormous shade canopy.Let’s review the whole product to find out if this is the right stroller for you.

Product feature:

Weight: The stroller weight is 28.2 pound (12.80 kg) and each seat can carry up to 50 pounds (22.7kg).

Seats: This stroller has 2 seats padded with soft fabric that make the stroller very comfortable for the little baby. The seats are also roomy and can be adjustable independently to a decent upright position, so if one passenger wants to sleep while reclining, the companion can remain upright.

Safety: The stroller has 5 point safety harness to keep your baby safe during the riding.

Storage: The stroller comes with a decent size storage basket, but unfortunately, it is divided with a bar in the middle. So it can be difficult to get stuff in and out.


Handle Bar: This stroller has an adjustable handlebar so parents of different sizes can push the stroller easily and comfortably.

Folding: With the patented quick fold technology, you can fold the stroller in just one step, you just need to pull the straps placed in the middle of the seats and it will fold itself. It also has an automatic lock, that will keep the stroller closed when folded for transportation or storage.

City-Mini-Double-Stroller-foldableCanopies with Peek-a-Boo Windows: The City Mini Double Stroller comes with UV 50+ sun canopy that will protect your baby from the direct sun heat. Each canopy can be opened and closes individually and also has a peek-a-boo window on each of them.

Wheels: The City Mini Double Stroller has all-terrain 8.5’’ rubber wheels, so this is an excellent stroller not only for running errands in the city but it can also handle cracks, debris or bumps on the road, without your kids feeling them.There is also a front wheel suspension for your daily obstacle course or lock for long distance strolling.


  • Easy to assemble and fold.
  • Material is super easy to clean and dries quickly.
  • Can fit through any doorways.
  • Easy to brake.


  • The only con of this stroller is that it doesn’t come with cup holders.


6. Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double, Carbon stroller

The Sit N Stand is perfect for your growing family. This double Stroller includes a front and back seat. One child can ride up front, and one can be behind, sleep, sit or stand.

Product feature:

Weight: The Stroller weight is 34 pound (15.42kg).Each seat can carry up to 40 Pound or 18 kg weight.

Safety: A 5-point child restraint safety harness always secures your baby.

 Seat Option: The Baby Trend Sit N Stand double Strollers include a front and back seat. The younger child can sit in the front while an older child can sit or stand in the rear of the stroller. The rear seat is also removable. This stroller also accepts two infant convertible car seat, but you have to buy them separately.

front and back site               Car seat                removable rare seats

Brakes: The stroller has a foot-activated rear brake to keep it stationary.

Canopy: The stroller has 2 canopies to protect your baby from bad weather. The canopies are also removable.

Storage: It also has a large storage basket.

Foldable: You can fold this stroller with one hand.Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double, Carbon foldableInclude: This stroller also has covered parent tray with 2-cup holders. They are removable.


  •       Accept infant car seat.
  •       Reasonable price.
  •      The stroller is enough narrow to go through any door.


  •  Compared to the other double strollers, the two sun canopies provided do a poor job in terms of providing shade.



7. Contours Options Elite Tandem Double Stroller 

The Contours Options Elite Tandem stroller is one of the great double umbrella strollers with some awesome features. This stroller offers 7 different seating configurations, so your babies can always be comfy. It’s also very lightweight. Let’s review all the features!

Product feature:

Weight: This stroller weight is 34 pound (15.42 kg).It can carry up to 40lbs (18 kg) in each seat (80lbs total).

Safety: The stroller is fully saved with 5 padded harnesses.

Seat Option: The seat configurations are the best feature of the Contours stroller.7 different seating options-    Versatile seating configurations to keep everyone happy. Reversible seats with new lift-assist mounts for easy Face Forward & Backward, Face-to-Face, Back-to-Back seating options.

The two seats are removable & operate completely independently of one another. The seats are also reclining in 3 positions. This stroller also included mesh pockets inside each seat to store small items.

Baby And Big Sibling        Sibling Fun between baby    Sibling Fun between baby


Infant Car seat: The stroller accommodates two infant car seats, but you have to purchase it separately.

Canopy: This stroller has 2 very large canopies. Each canopy also has its own peekaboo window. There is also a zipper feature at the canopy that allows you to extend the canopy coverage.

Storage: This stroller has a large storage basket. The storage basket also has zippers on the sides for easy access.

 Brakes: The stroller has a sandal friendly brake pedal. If you want to keep the stroller stationary, all you have to do is step on this bar.

Sandal friendly brake

 Foldable: This stroller is very easy to fold with one hand. Once the stroller folded, it will auto-locks and self-stands.

Cup Holder: This stroller also has 2 cup holder.


  •    7 seat option. That really great for any parents.
  •    accommodates two infant car seats.


  •   The cup holder of the stroller is not very profitable.



Types of double umbrella strollers:

side by side stroller

Side by Side Strollers:

The side by side double strollers offers interaction between the babies. These strollers have two seats (left and right) and an extra wide handle for you to push. They are foldable like an umbrella. As they are very wide and some models may not be able to fit through narrow doorways.




Tandem Strollers

Tandem Strollers:

The Tandem double Strollers include a front and back seat. This can be great for growing families with one young child and a new baby. They are easy to transport and storage. The disadvantage is the difficulty of maneuvering the stroller if the children weigh a lot.



Some Factors to Consider When Choosing the Double Umbrella Stroller:

There is no argument that your baby deserves the best that your money can buy. If you are looking for best strollers for newborns, you most choose the strollers which can suit your requirement.When it comes to double umbrella strollers, there are so many good quality choices out there that the real challenge is choosing the one that will be right for you and your infant or toddler. A little knowledge about the products would be a great help to you.


Choose a stroller that is entirely secure for your child. It is best that the stroller has a 5-point harness.


If you want your stroller to be suitable for newborn & toddler baby, check the maximum weight of the stroller. That will carry both kids comfortably.


You have to choose the wheels according to your terrain. Larger wheels can give a smoother ride for your baby, and make it easier for you to push.


If you love traveling with your kids frequently, it is important to choose a stroller that is foldable& easy to carry.So that you can open or fold the stroller with one hand when you holding the baby with the other hand.


Find stroller with a storage area under the seat for you to keep your stuff such as babies diapers, wipes, cream or your shopping baggies.


Be sure the stroller has one-touch brakes that lock the wheels in place and is easy to operate with your foot. Usually to lock it just press down and to unlock it just push.

Canopy :

A stroller with large adjustable canopy will protect your baby from bad weather.You can also use a stroller fan in the summer to protect your baby from the heat of the sun.


If your whole family will push the stroller then you should choose height adjustable handlebar.


Advantages of a double umbrella stroller:




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A double umbrella stroller is a most important item for every parents who have two or more small children.It is a
modern convenience and help make life much less hectic.So take your time to plan and consider what type of best double umbrella stroller you really need to buy.Choose one that will give the best comfort, highest safety for your baby and suits your needs.




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