5 Best Diaper Bags for Toddler -2019 Guide

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Heading outside of the house with your toddler requires a multitude of gears. A diaper bag can help you to store the items and keep organized effectively.

Therefore, it is a storage space of all your essentials on the ride and a useful company to proper parenting.

With a toddler, which is to choose? Which one will serve the best? To get you out of this problem, we are here with 5 best diaper bags for toddler you should check right away.

ImagesProducts Names
SoHo diaper bag
Mommy Daddy & Me Diaper Bag
Skip Hop Diaper Bag Backpack
The Honest Company City Backpack
Diaper Dude Messenger Diaper Bag

Our 5 Best Diaper Bags For Toddler 2019

The aforementioned comparison of the chosen ones delivers the basic disparity at a glance. With breaking down the products in more details, you can understand the features and corresponding benefits. Our review section below came with the most useful and must-have description that would assist your parenting.

Start scrolling down to get into each product detail and make the most convenient choice. With the good diaper bags for toddler, you can ease the parenting on the ride.

1.SoHo Diaper Bag

SoHo diaper bag Grand Central Station 7 pieces set nappy tote bag

Superior construction, streamlined design & satisfactory functionality – all are combined in this versatile set to ease your outside parenting. The complete package includes seven pieces in total – 6 accessories along with one diaper bag.


There are changing station for matching pads, two accessory cases & insulated zippered bag. Also, you will get to have a spacious main compartment, one smaller purse, and a couple of stroller attachments. The bag features 11 pockets of variable sizes to store your personal and important belongings.



With 100% polyester for both-lining & shell, the bag comes with optimum durability and easy cleaning. Meeting all the standards, the zip closure is pretty smooth without delivering any troublesome got-stuck problem.

The sturdy handles on top enable hand carriage with ease. While the stroller attachment offers to hang on the run and straps induces shoulder carriage on the go.


  • Water-resisting fabric without any hazardous chemical parts.
  • Neat hanging & shoulder carriage through attached strollers.
  • Cushioned padded storage pocket with available changing pads.
  • Wider opening size with smooth zipper induces a clearer view.
  • Convenient & safe organization of items using 11 bag pockets.


  • Handles are thin and hard. So if they become heavy, it can hurt your shoulders.



2.Mommy Daddy & Me Diaper Bag

Diaper Bag for Stylish Moms

Being one of the most stylish ones in the market, this bag from our list can deliver optimum satisfaction. With a convenient design, it looks like a purse rather than a conventional bag.

The bag comes with 13 different pockets alongside with spacious item storage facility. You are likely to have two front pockets, two side pockets, one back pocket with seven interior pockets & one large zippered compartment.

You can carry all your baby essentials such as a bunch of diapers, changing mat, bibs, fresh clothes for changing, baby powder, bottle for breast milk (if you are bottle feeding) along with two average size water bottles in the side pockets.

The canvas is made of quality cotton to ensure utmost style and performance. Proper blinding of the edges and superior stitching delivers greater weighing capacity with safety.Despite such robust design and quality material, it is one of the most affordable diaper bags on my list.

Sturdy handles attached with the bag allows you to carry by arms or hands with comfort. High-quality PU leather handles and bag bottom induces an artful look in addition to enhanced construction quality.


Apart from that, there are shoulder straps which enable carrying your toddler on your shoulder. You can easily turn the bag into a perfect cross body in no time, thanks to the removable straps.

What’s even better is that you can also transform it into a plush stroller organizer with the help of two stroller straps included in the package. Simply detach the shoulder straps and swap them with stroller straps. Easy, eh?


  • Multi-color stripes – black/white, grey/white, brown/white & red/white.
  • Protection of personal belongings & items inside the pockets.
  • Easy accessibility for the frequently used items stored in the bag.
  • Ultimate serviceability with premium cotton & leathered construction.
  • Facility to install removable stroller on sides for shoulder carrying.


  • Some users have complained that spot cleaning the bag is difficult as the stripe color bleeds into the white, leaving huge, stubborn stains.


3.Skip Hop Diaper Bag

Skip Hop Diaper Bag Backpack

The fresh addition made by Skip Hop to the Greenwich Convertible Diaper comes with ergonomic construction. Offering the best serviceability, this one becomes the most elegant choice of modern & employer moms these days.

With polyurethane faux leather, the diaper bag is made to serve against its price. A stylish appearance met the high-quality leathered construction for the main compartment. The leather introduces greater durability and resistance against common rigors.

There are no hazardous chemicals used for any parts of the bag. Rather, it contains user-friendly and conveniently firm water resisting additives.


There come handles on top, straps with adjustment facility and attachment for strollers for carrying the bag. The top handles allow carrying using your arm or hand at once. And for shoulder carriage or cross-body messenger activity, you can rely on the straps and strollers respectively.

Transforming this cross-body messenger diaper bag into a convenient backpack is a cakewalk. All you have to do is adjust the straps. That’s it!

You will receive front and side storage pockets with the main zip-closure compartment. The pockets, as well as the compartment, are spacious enough to keep your items in an organized and accessible way.

The interior of the bag features 5 elasticized slip pockets for storing your cash, cards, keys, phones, glasses and knick-knacks. Brownie points for making the two side bottle pockets insulated. Keeps the water chilled for a decent amount of time.

Another great addition in this bag is a well-padded pocket which can easily accommodate a laptop. But what really made fall in love with this bag is the padded diaper changing pad. This means hassle of finding a clean changing station on-the-go.


  • Artful balance between functionality, style & construction.
  • Two means of wearing – backpack & cross-body messenger.
  • Safe storage of essential belongings with zippered compartment.
  • Magnetized front flapping induces smooth and sturdy closure.
  • Elastic interior pockets for better and organized item storage.


  • The only downside is the backpack straps. They tend to get loose easily and need to be adjusted frequently.



4.The Honest Company City BackpackThe Honest Company City Backpack, Cognac

Having a cleverly made backpack for both side parenting seems a pretty good thing to accompany your toddler. Being designed for the unisex use, this unit holds a reasonable performance to meet the satisfaction on both sides.

Though the backpack seems an ordinary one – it comes with useful features to help you outside the house. A super chic bag with multi-functionality is ready to deliver a pleasant time.

The complete set is proven to be a useful ally on the journey with convenient storage facility. There are seven exterior & 3 interior pockets available with the bag. One changing pad is included to ease you further with the operation.

Sturdiness is a guarantee with 100% polyurethane vegan leather canvas. The leather induces sufficient strength to withstand exterior rigors. The canvas contains no harmful ingredients to cause any damage.

Proper organization of items in a de-cluttered manner is possible with this best backpack diaper bag for toddler. On the sides, there are insulted pockets to help with keeping drinks and even foods.


  • Supreme durability through sturdy vegan leathered construction.
  • Optimum functionality to help both mom and dad with parenting.
  • User-friendly design without the slightest presence of chemicals.
  • Sufficient number of compartments for reasonable storage of items.
  • Diapering essentials are available with the included changing pad.


  • No looping facility is available for stroller attachment.



5.Diaper Dude Messenger Diaper Bag

Diaper Dude Messenger Diaper Bag for Dads

Keeping the dad’s requirement in mind for parenting, this best diaper bag for toddler suits a man quite well. The wearing is outstandingly comfortable and very sleek to look outside the house with your toddler.

Being commercial polyester made, the entire structure is comfy and withstand everyday use without question. In fact, across-the-chest wearing design allows a convenient carriage experience for sure. With a padded backside, the comfort just gets increased to make your carriage a pleasant one.

That’s not all. Here’s what feature to make life easy for the hard working dads out there. The bag comes with a plush cushioned diaper changing mat, making the product even more practical and convenient.

Offering space and functionality at the same time, this unit provides a useful service for the dads. There is a facility to open & close the adjustment of the included strap to the padded panel. You can switch the on-and-off in no time with ease every time you go for it.

All the pockets come with zip closure facility and keep your items in a safe position. The inner compartment has a separate pouch for storing diapers, bibs, fresh clothes, blankets, feeding bottle, toys, snacks and so on. There’s a separate pouch for storing the diapers too.

If that wasn’t easy enough, it features 3 external zippered pockets, allowing easy access to small but important objects like keys, cash, and phones. Keeping them in the main compartment with diapers and all often make them harder to find. The interior of the bag is lightly padded to prevent fragile items from breaking. Smart!

Stroller attachment and presence of multiple pockets in both interior and exterior side induces better handling.


  • Manly design comes with durable and sturdy polyester canvas.
  • Saves the shoulder with convenient strap & stroller attachment.
  • Cushioned pad for changing induces better wearing of the bag.
  • Extra comfort with backside padding and anytime strap adjustment.
  • Ample storage for your essential belongings with a larger compartment.


  • Space may not hold sufficient for storing larger items.



Current Diaper Bag Types

There are different types of diaper bags available in the market. And you need to learn about the current ones if you want to have one.

  • Traditional: It suits practical moms with large compartment. There are spacious pockets in both the inner and outer side.
  • Tote: Tote comes with larger storage than traditional ones having similar construction. It has double handles for better carriage facility.
  • Messenger: It is a trending style and comes with a fold-over Includes shoulder straps for carriage.
  • Hobo: Being a cross between messenger and tote, it comes with a casual appearance. Suitable for a wild ride of adventurous parents.
  • Backpack: It is just a pack on the back. There are different options for the backpack, and you can choose a variety depending on your journey.


Baby & Toddler Diaper Bag Difference

As differences lie between a baby & a toddler, so their respective diaper bags also come with distinctions.

The diaper bags for toddler are meant to carry lesser items in comparison with baby diaper bags. It goes without saying that you have to carry lots of diapers and wipes while traveling with a newborn. You got to have poop-protection gears handy for toddlers too. But we don’t usually need to stuff more than 3-4 diapers in the bag for a toddler. 

Also, the design of toddler bags allows the parents to store their own belongings, which lack in baby diaper bags.

Things To Consider Before Choosing Diaper Bags For Toddler

It becomes a common practice to have a diaper bag in the early toddler years. But what is exactly you need to consider while buying one?

There are factors like the toddler age, your intended time on the outside. Usual features to have in a normal diaper bags are in follows –

  • One main compartment of large space.
  • Side pockets to keep drinks or water.
  • Changing pads and plastic bag storage.
  • Additional pockets to store personal items.
  • Handle, strap, and stroller for carriage.

It is not necessary to have all the aforementioned ones in a set. But a greater number of features provide a better facility.

You can also check out the size, shape, and design to match your outfit and personal choice.

In short, you should have something that will not give you any trouble with carriage & keep you comfortable. Also, you will not face any embarrassing situation while having it carried.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question: How to wash the diaper bags?

Answer: Best ones are machine washable unless specified. But you can go for hand cleaning for almost all cases.

Question: Is the bag suitable as a computer/laptop bag?

Answer: It is not recommended. But you can use for a short time if the bag is waterproof.

Question: Which one to choose – bottom with metal feet or not?

Answer: Good quality bags often come with no metal feet. You can buy one, but quality needs proper checking.

Question: Can I put the top handles over the shoulder?

Answer: It is better to avoid such thinking to get off shoulder pain. Better get something that has shoulder straps.

Question: Is it possible to wear the bag as a purse?

Answer: Yes, if the bag comes with a stroller attachment.

Question: Does the bag has any compartment divider inside?

Answer: In most cases, no. You have to put it manually if you want any.



After reviewing the above best diaper bags for toddler, we hope you got your ultimate choice by now. Of course, your choice depends on your toddler, your time on the outside, your requirement and budget.

If you ask, we would like to recommend the very first one from our list – SoHo Diaper Bag. This one comes with everything required for perfect parenting at a satisfactory level. Featured with design, sturdiness, functionality, storage and comfort; you will get it all in one package. And a reasonable price regarding the competitors makes this a perfect choice to keep with.

So, get rid of cheap and transient diaper bags to save your money and effort. You just need to make a proper choice and you will have a great time on the outside with your toddler for sure.

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