10 Best Bunk Beds For Small Rooms 2021 – Buying Guide


Are you thinking of buying bunk beds for your kids’ or guest room where space is a concern?

But not sure which one to get or if it’s the right one for you?

Don’t worry!

This review of the best bunk beds for small rooms can help.

On this page, you’ll find a list of top 10 space saving bunk beds along with the buying guide. Also, under each product listing you’ll discover what features make each bunk bed a top seller. So, it’ll help you narrow down your choice for which one to get.

Finally, just pointing out the features of each recommendation won’t help you make the best decision. So, we also share the positives and drawbacks of each bunk bed that you may want to consider.

Read on and discover the best bunk bed for your small room.

ImagesProductsWeight Capacity
Storkcraft Solid Hardwood Bunk Bed 330 Ibs
DHP Twin Over Full Bunk Bed 650 Ibs
Dorel Living Brady Solid Wood Bunk Beds 415 Ibs
Dorel Living Triple Floor Bunk Bed 330 Ibs
Max & Lily Solid Wood Twin Low Bunk Bed 800 Ibs
Max & Lily Solid Wood Twin over Full Bunk 800 Ibs
WE Furniture Wood Twin Bunk Bed 500 Ibs
Zinus Lock Metal Bunk Bed 350 Ibs
Max & Finn Bunk Bed
HomeRoots Bunk Bed 525 Ibs

10 Best Bunk Beds for Small Rooms 2021

This shortlist of the top-rated 10 bunk beds is exactly what you’re looking for your small room. Take a closer look at the reviews below so that you can have a better idea about which ones are worth the money.

1.Storkcraft Caribou Solid Hardwood Bunk Bed

Weight Capacity: Per Bed 165 Ibs

Storkcraft Caribou Solid Hardwood Twin Bunk Bed

Storkcraft Caribou is an elegant bedroom centerpiece perfect for the child’s’ bedroom. It combines classic design and exceptional quality. In fact, this rubberwood bunk bed comes with a few key features that make it unique, functional and safe for your kids.

The construction of this bunk bed is outstanding, indeed. So you can trust that it’s built to last. Thanks to its solid rubberwood and composite construction that makes it more durable than plywood bunk beds.

Though it’s a space-saving solution for kids’ bedroom, it offers ultimate versatility. That means, you can configure it into two separate twin beds when your kids grow older.


The unique fastening system and full-length guardrails ensure maximum support and safety of your child. What’s more, the 4-step slanted ladder adds excitement to your kid when he/she climbs it to get to the top bed.

Most importantly, it features non-toxic finishes. And it’s compliant with all CPSC and ASTM safety standards. Overall, for the price it’s an excellent option to buy.


  • High-quality solid rubberwood construction.
  • Non-toxic finish.
  • Versatile design.
  • Very functional and safe.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Meets ASTM and CPSC safety standards.


  • Limited headroom in the bottom bunk.



2.DHP Twin Over Full Bunk Bed

Weight Capacity: Top Bed- 200 Ibs, Bottom Bed 450 Ibs

DHP Twin Over Full Bunk Bed

Next, we have this budget-friendly best bunk for small room from the market leader DHP. For those who don’t know, DHP is a #1 brand for making functional and unique furniture. This DHP bunk bed is incredibly popular for its modern look, sleek design and affordable price.

The space-saving design and twin-over-full configuration looks great in any guest room or kids’ bedroom. Additionally, it increases the fun time in the bedroom by day and also delivers a comfortable sleep surface at night.

What’s great about this twin-over-full bunk bed is the full-length guardrails all around and integrated side ladders. It includes two sturdy ladders on either side that provide versatility. As you would expect, the bottom bunk offers impressive 450 pounds weight capacity while the top bunk supports up to 200 pounds.

Of course, it boasts durable steel frame construction and metal slats on top and bottom beds. That means it’s very durable and should last for a long time.

All in all, for the design, comfort and safety level, this bunk bed is still highly recommended, particularly for the affordable price.


  • Elegant and functional design.
  • Durable steel frame.
  • Impressive weight capacity.
  • Ladder on both sides.
  • All around guardrails.
  • Safe to use.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • The ladder is made of skinny bars that can hurt the feet of older occupants.



3.Dorel Living Brady Solid Wood Bunk Beds

Weight Capacity: Top Bed- 165 Ibs, Bottom Bed- 250 Ibs

Dorel Living Brady Solid Wood Bunk Beds with Ladder and Guard Rail

If you’re looking for a solid wood bunk bed at a reasonable price, then this one from Dorel Living can be a good option for you.

This Twin over Full bunk bed design adds style into your children’s bedroom. What’s more, the ultra-fine paneling and clean lines make it unique. This practical design ensures a safe and fun area for your children.

The horizontal slat guard rail provides a cool and safe sleeping space for your children. Also, the integrated 4-step angled ladder provides easy access and adventure to your kids while reaching the top bunk.

The Brady bunk bed is also incredibly versatile. The convertible design lets you convert the stacked bed into two free-standing beds (1 full and 1 twin). Thanks to the support slats of both beds that eliminate the need for box spring.

When it comes to construction, this bunk bed features solid wood construction. The wooden design certainly gives this bunk bed a better look than steel construction.

This model comes with an eye-catching graphite color. Of course, multiple color options are also available.

Overall, Dorel Living Brady Solid Wood Bunk Bed is a reliable space-saving, versatile option that will last for a long time. And it should be a good investment. The price is reasonable for a twin over full bunk bed.


  • Practical design.
  • Solid wood construction.
  • Perfect space saver.
  • Convertible to two stand-alone beds.
  • Easy to put together.
  • Multiple color options available.


  • Some users noticed a small crack in the wood after a few months of use.



4.Dorel Living Phoenix Triple Floor Bunk Bed

Weight Capacity: Per Bed 165 Ibs

Dorel Living Phoenix Triple Floor Bunk Bed

Looking for highly customizable, cool bunk beds for small rooms?

Then, one fantastic option is the popular Sierra Triple Bunk Bed from Dorel Living.

Including three sleeping surfaces this transitional design bunk bed is the ultimate space-saver for your large family. It’s the perfect antidote for sleeping several people in smaller spaces. Of course, each bed offers enough space for easy and safe access in and out.

Ultimately, there’s a great deal of customizability available with this bunk bed. Its multiple configurations let you set it up into three separate beds.


Sierra triple bunk bed is sturdy enough to keep your little ones comfortable and safe. The solid, sturdy construction adds both functionality and durability. It provides 165 pounds of weight capacity per bed. In addition, the design comes with two built-in ladders for safe climbing to the upper bunks.

In short, this Sierra bunk bed is a fantastic option for extended family. It’ll give more space for all your kids, siblings and guests. A good, reasonably priced bunk bed compared to others of its class.


  • Ample sleeping space for multiple occupants.
  • Timeless style.
  • Highly customizable design.
  • Easily convertible.
  • Well-built and durable.
  • No box spring necessary.


  • The support slats are too few with too wide of gaps.



5.Max & Lily Solid Wood Twin Low Bunk Bed

Weight Capacity: Per Bed 400 Ibs

Max & Lily Solid Wood Twin Low Bunk Bed with Slide

Does your kid’s bunk bed add additional fun to his/ her playing time? If you’re looking for something like that, then Max & Lily Bunk Bed is the right option for you.

Firstly, the slide that comes with this bunk bed is a bonus for enhancing your kids’ ultimate fun time. What’s more, you can add coordinating Play curtains (sold separately).

Most importantly, the bed is constructed with the safety of your child in mind. It offers an impressive 400 pounds weight capacity per bed.

The bottom bunk sits on only two inches off the ground, making it a safe sleeping area for smaller children. Additionally, the 14-inch tall guardrails come with it for increased safety.

Moreover, the angled ladder features rounded-edged for comfortable and easy climbing. The best aspect is its removable and reversible ladder that you can install on the right or left-hand side.

To conclude, this solid wood twin bunk bed combines both quality and style. Overall, it’s an excellent low bunk bed for a great value.


  • Solid New Zealand pine wood construction.
  • High weight capacity.
  • Slide for extra fun.
  • Water-based, low VOC finish.
  • Space-saving footprint.
  • Color-coordinated hardware.


  • The head clearance on the bottom bunk is a little bit short, so older children and adults can hardly get in and sit up comfortably.



6.Max & Lily Solid Wood Twin over Full Bunk Bed with Trundle Bed

Weight Capacity: Per Bed 400 Ibs

Max & Lily Solid Wood Twin over Full Bunk Bed with Trundle Bed

Here is another best bunk bed for small room from Maxwood Furniture. This time it’s Max & Lily solid wood twin over full bunk with trundle bed.

The space-saving design of this twin-over-full bunk bed is perfect for smaller rooms. Of course, you can convert these bunks into two stand-alone twin beds.

One great feature is its twin-size trundle that provides additional bed space for a sleepover. The trundle features cut-out handles to roll it on casters easily.

There is a reversible ladder with grooved treads and rounded edges that ensures easy climbing and offers the highest level of safety. Additionally, the hand-hole details on the ladder rails add style and safety.

When it comes to construction, this Max and Lily bunk bed is made of solid New Zealand pine wood frame that makes it durable. Additionally, there are metal support bars for additional reinforcement.


  • Solid New Zealand Pine wood bed frame.
  • 400-pound weight capacity per bed.
  • Flexible design.
  • Non-toxic, low VOC finish.
  • Excellent weight capacity.
  • Meets or exceeds federal safety standards.


  • The trundle bed wheels are not Lockable.



7.WE Furniture Solid Wood Twin Bunk Bed

Weight Capacity: Per Bed 250 Ibs

WE Furniture Solid Wood Twin Bunk Bed

This Twin Bunk Bed from WE Furniture is designed to grow with your kids. Sounds like a fantasy, right?

This space-saving design is a great solution where space is a concern. However, for convenience you can split the bunk bed apart when your kids aged out of their friendly bunking situations. Note that each bed supports a maximum of 250 pounds weight.

The full-length guardrails and wooden support slats ensure the comfortable and safe sleeping time on the bunks. Additionally, the integrated ladder offers your kids adventurous feelings when they climb up to the top bed.

It’s worth noting that the ladder tightly clings to the frame for safe climbing. Finally, you can add a trundle bed to save on space while providing an additional sleeping area for your kids or overnight guest.

In summary, this WE furniture twin bunk bed is a sturdy, functional and exceptionally stylish option that works best with small space living. It’s the bunk bed you never want to miss.


  • Solid wood strong construction.
  • Easy to switch to bunk beds or single.
  • Super durable.
  • Reasonably priced.


  • Too few slates to support the bed.



8.Zinus Easy Assembly Quick Lock Metal Bunk Bed

Weight Capacity: Per Bed 175 Ibs

Zinus Easy Assembly Quick Lock Metal Bunk Bed Dual Ladders

Here’s a metal bunk bed from Zinus that’s designed to be fun and safe sleeping surface. With a sleek finish, this metal frame bunk bed offers a contemporary style to complement your home. It’s an excellent option for anyone who wants an affordable solution for their kid’s bedroom and small space living.

In spite of its low price, this twin-over-twin bunk bed doesn’t compromise with durability and safety. The all-metal construction guarantees not only longevity but also safety. Moreover, this Zinus bunk bed has an excellent 175 pounds weight capacity. It even comes with 5 years worry-free warranty for peace of mind.

The design features guard rails on the top bunk to make sure your child is safe while on it. Additionally, two integrated 4-step ladders are attached to either side of the bunk.

It’s one of the most easy to assemble bunk beds. Fortunately, most people will be able to set it up under one hour. Thanks to its classic quick-lock assembly system.

In terms of design, assembly, warranty and affordable price, this is an excellent product to buy. Overall, an awesome toddler bed for the price.


  • Simple design.
  • Great quality.
  • Super easy to assemble.
  • Safe and convenient to use.


  • No complaint with this product.



9.Max & Finn Bunk Bed

Max & Finn Bunk Bed

This Max & Finn bunk bed provides your children the comfort and safety they deserve. This compact bunk bed is perfect for small space living that takes up minimal space and provides sleeping surface for two.

Due to its low floor design, your kids can easily climb into each bunk with ease. Of course, there is a 3-steps ladder for easy accessibility to the top bunk. The bottom bunk sits on the ground, making it easy to access to your smaller children.

Stylish and sturdy, this low profile small bunk bed made of solid wood in a white finish. It’ll sure to please anyone. You can also convert the bunk into two free-standing twin beds. And, each bed offers 165 pounds of weight capacity.

Above all, it’s a perfect space-saving children bunk bed for small rooms.


  • Solid wood construction.
  • Transitional design.
  • Convertible into two separate twin beds.
  • Easy to follow assembly instruction.


  • Somewhat tricky to line up screw with screw insert.


10.HomeRoots Bunk Bed

Weight Capacity: Top Bed- 175 Ibs, Bottom Bed- 350 Ibs

ACME Limbra Black Sand Twin XL over Queen Bunk Bed

ACME Limbra is a contemporary style metal bunk that comes with black sand finish. For its compact and narrow footprint, this Twin XL over Queen bunk bed is a necessity for any children’s bedroom.

The strong and durable metal construction provides necessary stability to support up to 175 pounds on the top bunk and 350 pounds on the bottom bunk. The metal slats also ensure more safety and durability.

Additionally, the full-length standard guardrails will keep your child safe on the top bunk. Of course, there are two integrated build-in side ladders; one on each end offers easy accessibility.


  • Sturdy metal structure
  • Exclusive black sand finish
  • Simple to assemble
  • Fits an XL Twin mattress on the top bunk


  • Mild Squeaky.



How to Choose the Best Bunk Beds For Small Rooms

No matter which space saving bunk beds for small rooms you want to buy, there are always a few factors you need to consider before you part with your money.

  • Durability- Choose strong materials

You should buy a bunk bed that built to last. So, this will mean selecting a design that benefits from a solid construction. A well-built bunk will enhance the safety offered to your children as well as improve comfort.

  • Room and Bunk Bed Height

Take into consideration the height of your children room and that of the bunk bed. Make sure that your younger children can comfortably sit up straight on the top bunk without hitting their head with the ceiling.

  • Safety Precautions

Safety is the most crucial factor while choosing bunk beds for children. There is no way to ignore a single security issue.

Firstly, a sturdy guardrail on the top bunk is a must-have. It’ll help to avoid the child from falling on the ground.

Secondly, check out how easy the ladder is to climb. Some bunks come with built-in ladders while other features detachable ladders.

Finally, seriously consider the weight capacity of each bunk if teenagers or adults share the bed.

  • Decide on the type of bunk beds

Bunk beds come in different styles, such as twin over twin, twin over full and full over full. Your buying process will be simpler if you decide on what bunk bed type will best suit your needs.

  • Versatility- Stacked Or Stand-Alone Beds

If you plan to reconstruct your children’s bedroom when they outgrow, it’s wise to choose a bunk bed that offers convertible design. Initially, you can set it up as a stacked bed for your little ones and then split down into free-standing beds once your kids grow and move into their own rooms.


Conclusion & Editor Choice

We’re almost at the end of our best bunk bed for small spaces reviews.

Along with each recommendation, we’ve tried our best to highlight the stand out features so that you know what makes each particular bunk bed valuable.

Hope those short details are all you need to make the right decision. But still, you want to know the editor’s choice. Right?

Well, our review identified the Storkcraft Caribou Solid Hardwood Bunk Bed as the top-pick. Let me explain WHY.

In fact, this model has everything you want in a bunk bed: style, durability and of course, safety.

Firstly, the rubberwood and composite construction make it environ-friendly. What’s more, this construction is more durable than pine wood.

Secondly, it offers versatility. If your kids get tired of sharing the same room or sharing the bunk, you can split it into two stand-alone twin beds. The slanted, four-step ladder is another nice aspect of this product.

Finally, it is ASTM compliant, means you can safely use it for your little ones.

So, have you already made a choice for the best bunk beds for small spaces?

You should have!

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