10 Best Breast Pump for Working Moms 2021 -(Buying Guide)


“95% of breastfeeding moms use a pump”  Mamava 2019 Survey

The stat says it all. There’s a reason most moms pump breast milk.

Modern moms like you who work outside don’t get enough time for nursing. But your baby needs the milk, right??

In fact, pumping can increase your milk supply and give you more freedom to spend time on work and other stuff. It’s also great for relieving pain from engorgement.

We reviewed some of the best breast pump for working moms exclusively. These pumps are portable, powerful and have lots of different settings for easy pumping.

Here you go!!

10 Best Breast Pump For Working Moms 2021

1.Spectra Baby USA  S1 Plus Electric Breast Pump

Spectra Baby USA S1 Plus Premier Rechargeable Electric Breast Pump

The Spectra S1 is the best breast pump for working moms! Its customizable setting, portable functions, noise-free operation and hospital-grade components makes it extremely convenient for using in workplaces.

The suction is totally adjustable and you also have options for let-down and expression. Having a powerful suction and a closed system, you will get clean milk every time. The best part is the device remembers your last setting, so that really saves time.

It has a rechargeable battery that provides 3 hours of pumping along with a plug-in option. This makes it portable and enables pumping on the go! You can also get the Spectra 2, which has only plug-in feature, if you want to save some bucks.

The pump has some extra features like nightlight and timer. The nightlight is helpful when pumping in the dark or low light. And the timer has a 30 minutes shutoff mechanism.


Its super quiet operation will let you pump in your office without any attention. As a bonus, there are 2 bottles and 2 shields.

Keep in mind, you can use it as a single or double breast pump! That’s why it’s worth buying!


  • Great battery life on the internal rechargeable battery. You will get at least four to five 15-20 minute pumping sessions out of it.
  • Adjustable suction with letdown and expression mode control.
  • Unlike other models, it doesn’t start in letdown mode. When you’re ready, you have to manually press a button for that.
  • Maintains hygiene through closed system.
  • Timer for shutting off automatically.


  • Has lots of (total 16) annoying parts to wash.



2.Elvie Pump Double Silent Wearable Breast Pump

Elvie Pump Double Silent Wearable Breast Pump with App

If you ever wanted to pump in the most discreet manner, we couldn’t find a better breast pump than the Elvie. It’s a high-tech wireless pumping device that you can simply wear inside your bra and nobody at work will notice you!


The device is extremely portable, lightweight and can be recharged. Just get the shield around the nipple, cover it with your bra and monitor everything from your smartphone app. Apart from the noise of milk dripping, you will hardly hear anything more.

The app enables you to control the intensity of stimulation and expression both. Additionally, you can also know how much milk you have pumped. Not accurate, but certainly helpful.

With the two breast pump hubs, you get 2 bottles, two sizes of breast shields (24&28mm) and other stuff. The bottles can hold up to 5 oz of milk.

If you manage not to bend or lay down with the device, it will stay in place and give you a lot of freedom to work!


  • Hands-free pumping.
  • Decent battery life (You can pump at least four 20 minutes sessions).
  • Closed system keeps milk clean.
  • Easy to assemble and wash (there are only a few parts to wash)
  • Ultra quiet and easy to use.
  • Monitor milk volume and adjust setting wirelessly.


  • The Bluetooth connection might lag sometimes.


3.Bellababy Double Electric Breast

Bellababy Double Electric Breast Feeding Pumps

If you want to pump milk faster and better, the Bellababy double electric breast pump is all you need. It’s the ultimate budget-friendly pump that provides everything you will get from other premium versions.

The suction is very strong with 9 levels of power. On top of that, the touch display allows you to control and monitor everything. There’s a memory mode that remembers your last setting. 

The overall experience is smooth and easy. You will have 2 hours of pumping time on a single charge and the closed system makes everything hygienic. Cleaning is not difficult but not so easy either. There are lots of parts that you need to disassemble.

As extras, you get 10 storage bags and 2 storage adapters. You will have to buy the bottles separately, if you intend to use them.

The device is not overly quiet. But it’s not the loudest! The ability to pump lots of milk in less time makes up for that.


  • Anti-backflow design eliminates spillage.
  • Great battery life.
  • Incredible suction power and lots of suction levels and modes.
  • HD screen helps to monitor setting.
  • Pumps directly to the milk storage bags.


  • On a high suction level, the pump gets LOUD!



4.Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump

Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump

The Medela Pump Instyle is a trusted breast pump in the mom community. Even if you have never used a pump before, you might have heard about it. It’s a double electric breast pump that will serve you multiple times throughout the day.

The settings are customizable with full control on letdown and expression. The suction is pretty powerful and can produce a lot of milk in a short time.

The whole unit is portable and comes in a nice microfiber bag. You can either use a plug-in option or the rechargeable batteries. As a bonus, Medela provides a cooler bag and ice pack to keep the milk fresh. So, when you return from work, you can feed your baby.

It’s a very basic pump with no bells and whistles but will get your job done! The only real issue is the loud sound and hard to clean components. If you love Medela, you won’t bother much about those.


  • Adjustable speed and vacuum.
  • Comes packed in a microfiber bag for carrying.
  • Pumps generous amount of milk.
  • Extra stuff included to keep milk at proper temperature.


  • Littlebit heavy to carry around.


5.Medela freestyle Double Electric Breast Pump

Medela Freestyle Double Electric Breast Pump

The Medela Freestyle is an upgraded version of the Medela Instyle. The difference is it’s smaller and more lightweight (1lb), making it perfect for pumping on the go or in workplaces.

You will love the digital display that shows the suction levels. You can adjust the speed and vacuum with just a tap of the buttons. The memory function is great to go back to your favorite setting.

One of the best things about this breast pump is that it’s extremely easy to use and the closed system makes pumping hygienic. For women who need to pump a lot of milk in a short time, this is a great option as it has double pumping capabilities!

The device has rechargeable batteries that can support up to 3 hours. That’s enough for 5 sessions at least! You also get a tote bag, cooler bag, 2 breast shields and lot more!


  • Easy to operate with buttons and digital display.
  • Lots of extra accessories.
  • Lightweight and small size.
  • Adjustable speed and vacuum.
  • Rhythmic sucking pattern.


  • Suction parts might sometimes need manual fix to make them work.


6.IKARE Double Breast Pumps

IKARE Double Breast Pumps Hospital Grade

IKARE is one of the most compact, yet powerful breast pumps that is designed for working moms! It’s super silent and makes only 35 dB noise, which helps you to pump milk discreetly wherever you go.

Every setting is customizable to your needs. You get 6 suction levels for all of the three modes that include massage, stimulation and expression. With 20 levels of cycles in such a price range, you really can’t complain.

It’s a closed system pump that keeps the milk and the pumping components separate. The ability to double pump makes it even more appealing for working women.

On every recharge, you will get 2 hours of working time. You can also use the plug-in option when needed.

The best part is everything comes in a portable microfiber bag. You also get a cooler bag, ice pack and 3 sizes of breast shields (21, 24, 27mm).


  • Made from BPA-free and safe components.
  • Digital screen to monitor pumping.
  • Timer and memory option for easy operation.
  • Portable and compact.
  • Customizable pumping.


  • Can take you a bit long to figure out how the settings work.

7.Yunbaby Electric Breast Pump

Yunbaby Electric Breast Pump

The Yunbaby is quite similar to Bellababy we reviewed earlier. The difference is this one is a simple pump and a way more easier to clean. For mothers who like to pump when their babies are sucking, this is a great option.

The pump doesn’t have a digital screen but it’s still easy to operate. You have 9 suction levels and 3 modes for pumping. The experience is comfortable and soothing.

It’s a rechargeable unit, so you can use it while driving or when you are working. You will get 1.5 hours of pumping time. The device pumps directly to storage bags. You can also use Dr. Brown bottles, if you have them at home.

What you will get with the kit— 5 milk storage bags and 1 storage bag adapter. Overall, it’s a handy breast pump and few people know about it. But those who have used it have been satisfied so far.


  • Cleaning is easy as taking the parts apart is hassle-free.
  • 7 oz milk pumping capacity.
  • Low noise level.
  • High power adjustable suction.


  • The device becomes quite heavy when fully assembled. Wearing a good supportive bra should solve this issue.



8.iApoy Electric Double Breast Pump

You might not have heard much about iAPOY but sure it’s one of the best breast pumps for working moms! Why? Because it’s small and powerful, giving you a lot of freedom to pump at random places.

The massage feature is what most users have loved. You can shift to manual mode or automatic mode. You get in total 8 levels of suction in different modes. However, the level 4 power is enough to express a lot of milk in a short time.

The device has a rechargeable option. The charged cord provided is short and you might need to replace that. It’s a silent unit with just 50 dB of noise. So, that makes up for that little flaw.

The controlling functions are all touch and makes it extremely easy to use. As a bonus, a bottle thread changer is added to fit smaller bottles if needed.


  • Lightweight and smaller in size.
  • BPA-free components.
  • Anti-back flow design keeps milk clean and germ-free.
  • Powerful suction and customizable settings.


  • Short battery life.



9.Philips Avent Double Electric Breast Pump

Philips Avent Double Electric Breast Pump

The Philips Avent is a popular pump in the breastfeeding mom community. It doesn’t have a rechargeable battery but the design and functionality can still help you to pump successfully at work.

There are 3 suction levels and you can’t adjust the speed and suction. If you use it, always keep it in the middle setting. That’s the sweet spot.

The device is quite large but it’s not as heavy as it looks. We loved the firm suck on this and that’s the reason you can pump more milk with it.

If your work requires you to spend most of your time on the desk, then this device will suit you best. Just keep the pump on the desk, plug-in the cable and you won’t have to lean even. The bendable silicone tubes make pumping at the desk far easier.


  • Fewer components make assembling easy.
  • Easy to attach power cushions.
  • The silicone cushions give comfortable feel on the breasts.
  • BPA-free.


  • The sucking power is not so great.



10.MOSFiATA  Electric Breast Pump

MOSFiATA Rechargeable Nursing Breastfeeding Pump

Mosfiata is a budget-friendly breast pump for working moms. It’s quite simple and easy to use. It has everything that features in a premium pump.

The suction in this one is pretty powerful. Out of the 9 levels, the 6th level is enough to pump milk in large volume. 8 oz of milk in 16 minutes should be enough for most moms. The 3 modes of stimulation, massage and expression is a great addition to mimic natural nursing.

You will be happy to know that you can use Dr. Brown or Medela bottles with this pump. So, if any of the bottles break, you can quickly replace them.

The pump has a gentle pressure on the nipples. And on top of that, the quiet noise-free operation helps you to pump without distracting nearby people.

If you are frustrated with your older pump not working, you can definitely give this a try.


  • Soft silicon cushion for comfort.
  • Adjustable suction with 9 levels in 3 modes.
  • Silent operation.
  • Compatible with Dr. Brown and Medela bottles.
  • Smart touch screen makes easy to operate.


  • The suction could be a little stronger.



Things to Consider When Selecting a Breast Pump to Use at Work

1. Electric or manual pump?

For a working mom, the first thing to consider is whether you should get an electric or manual pump.

It’s very straightforward— get an all electric breast pump without any hesitations. Electric pumps are fast and give you hassle-free pumping.

Manual pumps cost less but won’t suit your needs at the workplace.

2. Single pump vs. double pump?

If price isn’t a big issue for you, go for double-electric breast pumps. This is helpful when you have to pump a lot of milk and have limited time in hand.

Single pumps just work on one breast at a time. For budget moms, this is a good option.

3. Closed system or open system pump

If hygiene is your top priority, you can use a closed system pump. They are usually known as hospital-grade breast pumps. The milk and pump are totally separated here, so you get totally clean milk. The downside is the price is high.

For most home and office users, open system pumps will work just as well. You just need to keep the tubes and bottles clean. The low price tag makes them very affordable.

4. Easy to operate and clean

Extracting milk with the pump should be simple and pain-free. If the pump requires lots of steps to get started, avoid it.

The cleaning part is also crucial. The pump you buy should have parts that come off easily. This will make cleaning easier. Avoid pumps with extremely tight fitting parts.

5. Pump strength and mechanism

When breastfeeding at work, most moms found that the pump strength and speed becomes crucial. Look for a powerful one!

But don’t just stop there. You should also be able to control the volume of milk and the frequency of pumping. Some breast pump models allow you to control both separately and others just have one controller for both.

6. Portability

The portability of a breast pump has different meanings. The following are the factors that make a breast pump portable:

  • Lightweight
  • Battery-powered
  • Hands-free or wearable pump
  • Insulated carrying bag

Depending on how you want portability, you can select a breast pump having all of these features or just a few of them.

7. Different accessories

Accessories might not be a mandatory thing! But it gives you more versatility and value from your purchase.

It’s always good to have breast shields of different sizes, a properly insulated pump bag and a pump-to-feed system. If your breast pump kit has all of them, then buy that one.

8. Level of noise

When using an electric pump, you will always experience some levels of sound. If you are in an extremely quiet and restricted workplace, you can find pump models that generate minimal noise.

Conclusion & Editor’s Choice

For working women, a breast pump is a pretty important device. If it stops working, you will suffer. So, you need to be ruthless when deciding!

That brings us to our #1 and the best breast pump for working moms- Spectra Baby S1.

It’s a true hospital-grade pump that has a long battery life with adjustable suctions! It’s portable and easy to use. The additional features like timer and nightlight is something unique to this device.

Use it as a single or double pump, whatever suits you. You will never suffer from engorgement again!!

If budget is your real concern, you can also choose between the other pumps and they will work just fine!

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