10 Best Baby Bottle For Gas and Colic 2022

best bottle for gassy baby

No parents want to see their baby’s crying face. It is one of the worst feelings you can experience is watching your baby endure pain of any kind. You want to bring your baby that much-needed relief from the gas pain, but you don’t know where to start?

Air swallowing is the number one cause of gas and colic pain. In that case, you can use a special baby bottle that helps to reduce air and eliminate gas from the bottle during baby feeding.

But with many options and many safety issues how can you choose the right bottle for your baby?

So that here we put this guide and review 10 best baby bottles for gas and colic which are top on in today’s market. Hope, this information will help you in making the right decision in purchasing a bottle for your baby.

ImagesProduct Name
Dr. Brown's Original Bottle
Playtex Baby Bottle
Philips Avent Bottle 
Comotomo Baby Bottle
Tommee Tippee Bottle
Tinukim Hands Free Baby Bottle
Munchkin Latch Anti-Colic Baby Bottle
Chicco NaturalFit Bottle
MAM Baby Bottles
Mixie Formula Mixing Baby Bottle

Our 10 Best Baby Bottles For Gas and Colic 2022

1.Dr. Brown’s Original Bottle

Dr. Brown's Original Wide-Neck Bottle Newborn Feeding Set
Being a mother, you understand every little thing regarding your baby’s health. Does your baby often suffer from the gas problem? You should try Dr. Brown’s bottle for solving gas forming problem in stomach. This is the best bottle for gassy baby for its unique features that make the bottle constructive among the concerned mothers.

If your baby is swallowing too much air while you feed through the feeder bottle, then it’s not your baby’s fault at all. The bottle is guilty in this situation. The anti-colic Dr. Brown’s bottle’s system averts air to mix with the milk for its internal vent system.

Apart from reducing air bubbles in milk, Dr. Brown’s original bottle prevents the nutrients oxidation. It is clinically proven that Dr. Brown’s bottles are able to deliver more of vitamins A, C, and E. Babies are always seemed to have their best swiftness while feeding by it. In a simple thought, babies get the similar pace like nipples of breastfeeding.


  • There is no air in the bottle.
  • It is BPA free.
  • The internal venting system is unique.
  • Maintains the nutrients of milk.
  • The bottle is dishwasher safe.
  • Prevents the fluid getting the ear.


  • The component parts are many to assemble.
  • Not comfortable to wash.


2.Playtex Baby Bottle

Playtex Baby Ventaire Anti Colic Baby BottleThe Playtex Baby VentAire Bottles are popular among many mothers for its unique design. The venting system is located at the bottom. It channelizes the air bubbles back into the bottle. Even if your baby tends to drink the milk fast, this system will keep the air flow down in his tummy. This simply means reduced risk of colic pain, spit up and constant burping.


It is a great bottle for babies suffering from infant reflux as well.You get the most suitable neck in angled position avoiding reflux. So, you can feed the baby in a semi-upright position. This will ensure optimal comfort both your baby and you. The slanted bottle not only reduces swallowing of air but also prevents ear infections. 

According to a study by pediatricians in 2013, ear infections are very common among babies during the period of 1 month to 1 year. If you angle this bottle down while feeding, it will slow down the flow and reduce the risk of ear infection. 

I also loved the shape, material and design of the nipples. They are soft as mother’s nipples. If your baby is refusing to latch onto feeding bottles, you can give this one a try. The nipples are designed to mimic human breastfeeding experience. Your baby is most likely to latch onto it right away. And the best part?

If he wants to take a break from feeding while keeping the nipple in mouth, there will be no leaking. Playtex ensures the safety of no-milk leaking. It’s a significant safety feature that prevents choking hazard. 


  • The nipple flow rate is slow.
  • Provides the comfortable feed.
  • Easy to latch.
  • The price is affordable in terms of quality and benefits.
  • The first choice of pediatricians.


  • After heating the bottle, it may leak sometimes.



3.Philips Avent Bottle 

Philips Avent Classic Plus Baby Bottles

Every new mom wants the best for her babies. You don’t need to find the best one always. Sometimes, the simple piece makes the best experience. Similarly, the Philips Avent anti-colic Baby bottle is the best thing yet to happen to your motherhood life with the simple appearance.

These bottles are always considered to give the most minimal experience to the user for the only four pieces in one set. The bottle, the nipple, the cap, and the ring are simply designed for your flexible baby feeding and all the parts are luckily dishwasher safe. It can remove nighttime fussiness for up to 60% according to scientific evidence.

So, the concerned part is the anti-gas feature, right? You are going to get the anti-gas unique vent system in the nipple. It helps to release the air back to the top of the bottle and the gas gets away from the baby’s mouth. The bottles including the nipples are BPA free and can last long for baby’s feeding years.


  • The design is simple but classic.
  • You won’t have to face any hassle to clean.
  • It’s totally dishwasher safe.
  • The anti-colic attribute.
  • No milk collapse incident in the nipple.


  • The bottle is not perfect for kids that are less than 1 month or so.


4.Comotomo Baby Bottle

Comotomo Baby Bottle, Green

This bottles come in special shapes that guide the flow of air bubbles back and forth in the bottle. Doing so keeps the gas away from your baby’s mouth. In the race of many choices, Comotomo Baby Bottles are the reliable ones among the moms. The bottle gives the uninterrupted state of eating which is the same as the natural breastfeeding.

But that’s not the only reason why it has made its way to my list of the best baby bottles for gas and colic. The unique shape of the bottle also helps to keep your baby switch to bottle-feeding without a problem. And the best part is both components the nipple as well as the bottle is made with the silicone. So, the nipple and the bottle are user-friendly and flexible.


These bottles also have dual anti-colic vents to ensure good air circulation inside the bottle in order to prevent unwanted colic, spit-up, burping, gas and avoid leaks totally. Mothers love these bottles as it’s super easy to clean thanks to the wide neck. They are also safe in both boiling water & dishwashers.


  • Endures boiling water, microwave, and sterilizers.
  • Simple minimal four piece design.
  • Ensures the slow flow for one hole in the nipple.
  • User-friendly for the baby self-feeding.


  • The numbers (ounce markings) are difficult to read unless held up to a light but the good thing is they won’t fade with multiple washes.


5.Tommee Tippee Bottle

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Baby Feeding Bottles

A low flow nipple bottle like this prevents colic, spit up and reflux by slowing down the milk flow. It is an ideal solution for babies who tend to gulp down the milk too fast. As we all know, eating too fast can cause burping, indigestion and upset stomach.This bottle ensures a gentle milk flow to keep excess air away from your baby’s mouth so that your baby gets nothing but milk.The nipples are shaped like a mother’s breast and are flexible as well, helping your baby feed with ease. 

According to most pediatricians, low flow nipple bottles are an ideal way to feed newborns and small babies (for up to 2 years). Since small babies are fed while lying down, it creates the risk of occasional choking. These specialized low flow nipples of this bottle significantly reduce this choking hazard. 

The wide base body design allows the baby to hold the bottle comfortably. It gives the similar feelings of the breast. You barely have to worry about the air ingestion as it doesn’t make shallow any air to your baby. The nipples are built with low flow speed valve to release the pressure.

Not just that, the accurate markings on this anti-gas bottles prevent you from overfeeding your delicate little one. The markings are clearly visible, which helps you easily monitor how much milk you are feeding.



  • The cleaning process is easier for the wide neck.
  • Nipple ensures mimic breastfeeding.
  • Provides a very slow flow of milk.
  • The design is simple but attractive.
  • Nipple valve is leak proof and avoids the release of air.


  • Some tend to experience a little fast flow of nipple.



6.Tinukim Hands Free Baby Bottle

Tinukim Hands Free Baby Bottle – Anti-Colic Nursing System

Are you struggling to juggle with baby care and household chores?If yes then check out this hands-free baby bottle feeding system. It’s probably what you need right now to make your life a little easier. 


It isn’t just about hands-free feeding. This bottle is also designed to nurse two babies at the same time as it comes in a set of 2 bottles. Assembling the bottles are fairly easy. You just have to carefully read the manual and follow all the instructions to a T. Once set up correctly, your baby can relax and enjoy his food on his own. No need for you to sit and hold your babies for feeding them. 

Not just that, it allows you to feed your baby while you are walking or riding a car. Tinukim offers hands-free feeding while your baby is in an infant carrier, stroller, baby swing, or riding in a car seat. Such a life saver!

The air flow of the nipple valve is low. Thus, your baby can consume milk with the maximum easing phase. The venting technology of the Tinukim Bottles is clinically proven to prevent bubbles and gas in the milk. It also helps to reduce the chances of ear infections.


  • Very useful when you are out and about for car rides, shopping, and traveling.
  • Safe for using in microwaves and boiling water.
  • Suitable for freezer use.
  • BPA and Lead-free.
  • Self-sterilized.
  • No PVC.


  • Approved for only 3+ months babies.



7.Munchkin Latch Anti-Colic Baby Bottle

Munchkin Latch Anti-Colic Baby Bottle with Ultra Flexible Breast-like Nipple

The best evolution of breastfeeding happens in the Munchkin Latch Bottle.Like all the best bottles for colic and gas, it saves your baby from gas pain by preventing large air bubble formation in the milk.

Munchkin makes your baby experience the same feelings of breastfeeding. This bottle has soft, flexible, human-shaped nipples. The soft nipples of this bottle help newborns and small babies feed easily by putting zero pressure on their delicate gumline. They can also adjust the milk flow by simply applying pressure on the nipple. 


The nipple is also very much flexible as I’ve already mentioned. Whenever the baby moves the head, the nipple flexes accordingly. So, the baby can easily maintain latch and prevents the infections of ears. The anti-colic valve situated at the bottom of the bottle offers no air bubbles to flow into the stomach.  Munchkin Latch is popular among the 80% of moms as anti gas baby bottle.


  • Easy transition back and forth for nursing babies.
  • The bottle is made of polypropylene.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Nipples may collapse while feeding.



8.Chicco NaturalFit Bottle

Chicco NaturalFit Bottle Newborn FlowBeing a mother you have to be concerned about every little thing about your child. If you want an advanced feeding system then this Chicco NaturalFit Bottle is the ideal one for you. Why is the Chicco NaturalFit advanced? Chicco offers the best responsive feeding accordingly movement of the babies.

Its soft silicone nipples provide the warmth and comfort of a mother’s bosom. For this obvious reason, babies will feed happily from this bottle. 

I also loved how this bottle prevents milk spillage from the baby’s mouth while feeding. Milk leaking from the corner of a baby’s mouth is a leading cause of infant ear infection. The safe and secure design of Chicco makes sure ear infections never happen due to leaking milk. 

You can use this Chicco bottles for your baby from the first day of his birth. There are two anti-colic valves that prevent bubbles and air ingestion.


  • The nipples mimic the breastfeeding.
  • Wide neck design to clean easily.
  • The bottle is easy to hold.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Gas free milk.


  • Some user complaints that the flow is too fast for their newborn.



9.MAM Baby Bottles

MAM Baby Bottles for Breastfed Babies

This specialized feeding bottle effectively sucks out the vacuum from the milk to keep away problems like colic pain and reflux. Here’s how it does the trick: 

MAM Anti-Colic bottles have air vents in the bottom of the bottle. The air vents are liable to do their work by removing the pressure and air bubbles from the milk. So, your baby is consuming only milk and no bubbles or air.

The nipples of MAM Anti-Colic Bottles are not only soft; they are colorless, odorless, and tasteless. Your baby will get the most flexible comfort same like a mother’s breast.

These bottles are ideal for babies who struggle to switch to bottle-feeding. This is a common issue with most newborns.The bottle nipples resemble the shape and flexibility of a mother’s nipple. Thus, your baby will find it very easy to switch from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding and vice versa. The seamless transition will give the baby its highest natural comfortable eating experience during bottle-feeding.


  • The design is Self-sterilizing.
  • No gas and pressure.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • BPA free.


  • The only issue is that you have to make sure every piece is precisely set in place or else they will leak everywhere.



10.Mixie Formula-Mixing Baby Bottle

Mixie Formula-Mixing Baby Bottle
Probably, you will never find any feeding bottle designed stupendously like the Mixie Formula –Mixing baby bottle. Not only design, the formula compartment of Mixie is exclusively unique, why?

There are two compartments in the bottle. The larger compartment to store water and the smaller one stores other components. This is the advanced technology to prevent the water to mix with the elements until you are ready to feed your baby. This means you are always about to feed the fresh milk to your baby.

Apart from feeding the fresh milk to your baby, one of the best peaks is you don’t have to get up from bed every time when your baby feels hungry or cry at night, how? You can go to sleep with the Mixie Bottles and whenever your baby gets awoke and cries to eat; just press the bottle, shake well, and feed fresh milk every time. Sounds happy motherhood and sleep, right?

Else, whenever you are traveling next time, you are all ready to feed fresh milk to the baby. Your baby will hardly become gassy for the nipple vented formula. Vented nipple helps to prevent the milk to get mixed with the air which makes the baby gassy mostly. So, this anti gas baby bottle will keep your baby healthy and subtle.


  • Doesn’t create any mess for the two compartments formula.
  • The nipples are made of silicone and skin soft.
  • The perfect bottle to feed while traveling.
  • BPA and PVC free.
  • Never leaks.


  • Only downside is that it has too many parts to wash and the price is bit too steep.



Anti Gas Baby Bottles vs. Ordinary Bottles

Normal bottles work out just fine as long as your baby doesn’t frequently suffer from colic or indigestion. 

However, most babies suffer from these issues during bottle-feeding. The defect is not your baby’s body. Their developing digestive system is unable to vent out trapped air. You should rather blame the design of regular feeding bottles for this. 

Ordinary feeding bottles create large air bubbles in the milk. It doesn’t have a special mechanism to eliminate the excess air from mixing with the milk. That’s when anti-gas bottles come into the picture. These bottles use innovative technologies to prevent the air from getting into the baby’s mouth.

Sure, they are not as easy to use as regular feeding bottles. But dealing with lots and lots of crying for hours isn’t exactly easy either. 

Below I have pointed out the key differences between specialized anti-gas bottles and regular feeding bottles. I hope it will make it easy for you to realize the importance of buying an anti-colic bottle.


Anti-colic and anti-gas bottles mainly offer 3  venting systems:

  • Top-venting.
  •  Bottom-venting.
  • Straw-venting.

All these venting systems have only one purpose: to exhaust the air trapped in the formula food or breast milk in the bottle. It doesn’t eliminate all the air from the bottle but your baby still ends up consuming a lot less air. Less air= lesser chances of colic and gas pain.

Ordinary bottles don’t have any special venting mechanism like this.

2.Nipple Flow

One of the key factors that separate the best bottles for the gas & colic baby from ordinary feeding bottles is the design of the nipples. These specialty feeding bottles have nipples designed to slow down the food intake. 

Babies who suck the bottle too hard to quickly consume the milk often suffer from upset stomach and general discomfort. Anti-colic bottle nipples prevent this from happening by minimizing the milk flow into the nipple. 

Most traditional feeding bottles don’t have this slow flow nipple option.

3.Nipple Shape and Built-in Valve

Anti-colic bottles, just like regular bottles, feature breast-shaped nipples. However, unlike regular bottle nipples, these specialized nipples reduce the amount of trapped air bubbles inside the bottle. So even if your baby tends to suck on it too hard, he wouldn’t be able to swallow too much air. 

Some of the best bottles for gas and reflux also have built-in valves to release air pressure. This prevents the build-up of large bubbles in the milk during consumption. I don’t think regular bottles have built-in valve systems like this.

Tips For Reducing Colic While Bottlefeeding 

Colic happens mainly due to swallowing too much air. Positioning the baby wrong while nursing or formula food itself could trigger colic pain. 

Prevention is always better than cure. That’s why I have listed down a few tried and tested tips to prevent the colic pain, spit up and digestion problem. 

1.Burp It Out:  Pediatricians recommend that you burp your baby both during and after feeding. During feeding, take a pause after every one or two ounces. This will slow down the baby and prevent him from swallowing too much air. 

After feeding, put him in an upright seating position, support his head with your hand and rub their back and tummy. Sometimes, it might take a while to get them to burp. 

This is because the gas bubbles might take a while to resurface. So don’t worry if your baby isn’t burping immediately. You could lay her down for two minutes and then retry.

2.Choosing the Right Feeding Bottle:  The best anti colic bottles with slow flow nipples minimize the milk flow. These nipples eliminate the air bubbles trapped in the milk. This reduces the chances of gas formation in the baby’s stomach. 

How do you ensure that the slow flow nipple is actually working? Observe how much time your baby is taking to finish the bottle. A quality slow flow nipple bottle should ideally take 20-30 minutes to feed a baby. 

3.The Angle Matters: Hold baby in a slanted or vertical position while feeding. Never feed in a supine position. Also, tilt the bottle a little, fill the nipple completely with the milk and hold it in an angle to vent out the air bubbles.

4.Mind What You Feed: It is the formula food that often leads to indigestion, stomach ache, and general discomfort. But what if breast milk is also making your kid colicky? Well, in that case, consult your pediatrician immediately.

5.Love and Soothe: Bottle feeding a newborn is no easy task. It takes a lot of patience and love to make a baby feed happily. 

If your baby is crying for a long time, wrap him up in a cozy blanket and gently rub, pat his back and swaddle him. A gentle tummy rubbing also works. 

You could take him out for a spin in a baby stroller, snuggle him into a comfy baby carrier or hold him in tummy tuck position or football position. Motion often helps to calm down a baby. You could combine the gentle motion with a soothing lullaby (or maybe make funny faces). Whatever floats your baby’s boat.

6.Calming the Senses: It is actually not that difficult to calm down the senses of a baby. Use a pacifier, take him to a quiet and dimly lit room and use the “white noise technique”. 

You could use white noises to help your baby relax while feeding. The sound of a fan, air conditioner, clothes dryer, vacuum cleaner or washing machine, etc are the examples of soothing white noises. If it is raining outside, make sure your baby can hear it. I’m sure the white noise of our mother nature will ease his tummy pain.


What to Check for Getting the Best Baby Bottles For Gas & Colic


Bottle Materials:

It is important to choose the right material bottle for your baby. Because low material bottles can create a big impact on your baby health. BPA has received a lot of attention in recent years due to how harmful it is to baby’s health. So choose a bottle that is made up of BPA free material.The easiest way to find out the best anti-colic bottle is to look for the “BPA-free” sign on the bottle.

There are basically 2 types of baby feeding bottles in the market; plastic bottles and glass bottles.

Plastic bottles: Plastic bottles are made from Polycarbonate and Polyethylene plastics. Bisphenol A (BPA) is used in the manufacture of some plastic bottles which is harmful to your children. They are also difficult to clean.

Glass bottles: Glass bottles are safe than plastic bottles. They do not use any harmful chemicals like BPA. They are also easy to clean.

Plastic baby bottles are may be cheaper than glass baby bottles. But they could be more expensive when your baby happens to get sick. So always keep your eyes open for glass baby bottles.

Bottle Shape

The shape of the feeding bottle should depend on your baby’s feeding position. If your little one prefers to be fed in a reclined position, a typical straight or curved bottle will serve him just right.

Look for an angled bottle if your kid likes to be held upright during tummy time. Ever better if the bottle has a handle. Since their motor skills are developing quickly at this stage, learning to hold their own bottle will make their grips strong. 

Soft Nipples:

Tummy time is a crucial part of your baby’s daily routine. It isn’t just about filling your baby’s tiny tummy. Feeding time is a bonding time between the parent and the baby. Breastfeeding is comforting for both the mother and the baby. A child feels safe and comforted by the physical presence of his mother. To help your baby ease into bottle-feeding, you need to use a bottle that uses breast-shaped soft, artificial nipples. It will recreate the experience of a mother’s breastfeeding.

Not just the design and material, but the shape of the nipple also plays an important role. To ensure healthy development of your baby’s teeth and gum.

Anti-Vacuum Skirt Valve:

The bottle you have chosen for your baby, It should have a feature (vent technology) that can prevent the bottle from creating a vacuum. It helps to avert the possibility of the baby swallowing air instead of milk. The swallowing of air during feeding; is the main cause of baby’s gas pains.

Easy to clean:

The cleaning process is one of the most common issues for newborn mothers. Baby’s feeding bottles need to be cleaned thoroughly to protect the baby from bacteria that can cause diseases and infections. So choose the baby bottles that are manually washable.


When it comes to the baby bottle sizes, you will want to know which one is right for your baby. If you give a large bottle to a newborn baby, they may not eat everything, wasting milk. Newborn babies usually feel full with 4-ounce of milk. So a smaller baby bottle is perfect for them. But you need to change the size of the bottle quickly as your baby grows.


Wrapping up

So this brings us to the end of this saga. I have laid down every important info you will need to find the right feeding bottle. I can totally understand that you’re nervous to make a decision. Choosing the wrong bottle can make things go haywire. To make sure that doesn’t happen, I have carefully evaluated every essential aspect of these specialty baby bottles. 

Now, it’s your turn to carefully read every bit of information and apply your own logic. Finally, I’d like to remind you that choosing best baby bottle for gas and colic becomes easy when you know your baby’s preference. You are the parent, you’ll know what he likes more than anyone else right now. So go with your intuition. I’m sure your purchase will be a success.

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