Best Bottle For Gassy Baby | Reduce Baby colic Pain

best bottle for gassy baby

No parents want to see their baby’s crying face. It is one of the worst feelings you can experience is watching your baby endure pain of any kind. You want to bring your baby that much-needed relief from the gas pain, but you don’t know where to start?

Air swallowing is the number one cause of gas and colic pain. In that case, you can use a special baby bottle that helps to reduce air and eliminate gas from the bottle during baby feeding.

Here are 5 best bottle for gassy baby; Choose the right one for your baby.

Dr. Brown’s Original Bottle Review

Dr. Brown Original Bottle

Dr. Brown’s Newborn Baby Bottle offers a wonderful feeding experience with your little one using internal vent technology similar to breastfeeding. It creates a vacuum-free feeding just like the natural flow from a mother’s breast.

That’s how the venting system works; air is channeled from the nipple collar through the vent system to the back of the bottle. In this way, the air will never mix with the milk. It does not only reduce air bubbles within the milk, it also prevents the oxidation of nutrients in it as well, which has been clinically tested to deliver more of vitamins C, A, and E.

Dr. Brown’s Newborn Baby Bottles helps to reduce baby’s colic, spit-up, burping and gas problems.

What Mom Says About The Bottle,

Dr. Brown’s bottles are really inexpensive for their quality! I have been using this bottle for a few weeks with my newborn. It really helps to reduce air from the milk.


Comotomo Baby Bottle Review

Comotomo baby bottles are designed with a naturally shaped nipple, a wide neck, and skin-like silicone material that make the bottle comes close to natural breastfeeding. It uses silicone material that’s 100% free from nasty chemicals like BPA, PVC, and Phthalate.

These bottles have dual anti-colic vents to ensure good air circulation inside the bottle in order to prevent unwanted colic, spit-up, burping, gas and avoid leaks totally. Mothers love these bottles as it’s super easy to clean thanks to the wide neck. They are also safe in both boiling water & dishwashers.

What Mom Says About The Bottle,

These bottles are really awesome. My baby was having trouble burping and would have issues with painful gas. Both issues seem to be gone after using this bottle.


Philips Avent Bottle Review

Philips Avent Classic Plus Baby Bottles are Clinically proven to reduce baby’s colic and discomfort. The advanced anti-colic system includes the innovative twin valves which help release air back into the top of the bottle and away from your baby’s mouth.

The wide shape of the bottle makes it easy to hold. With only four parts, (the bottle, the nipple, the ring, and the cap) these bottles are also easy to clean quickly and thoroughly. The bottle and the nipple are free from harmful chemicals including BPA and foul odor.

What Mom Says About The Bottle,

My baby (3 months old) has been using these bottles since birth and doesn’t really have a gas issue with these bottles. The nipples are easy for her to latch.


Playtex Baby Bottle Review

The Playtex Baby Bottle has an angel necked shape to encourage semi-upright feeding, recommended by pediatricians to help prevent ear infections.

These bottles come with the unique anti-colic bottom vents that prevent air from leaving the back portion of the bottle. So when baby feeds, virtually no air mixes with the milk. They are also clinically proven to reduce baby’s discomforts, gas, spitting up and colic problems.

They are free from harmful chemicals like BPA. So you don’t need to worry about your baby’s safety. They are also easy to clean & dishwasher safe for easy maintenance.

What Mom Says About The Bottle,

These bottles are work perfect as I expected. The vent technology of the bottle helps to releases air from my baby milk. They are easy to clean and dry as it opens from top and bottom. Nice shape to hold and give to infants.


Tommee Tippee Bottle Review

Tommee Tippee closer to nature bottles is designed with a wide-necked shape and easy-latch-on nipple that give most comfortable and relaxed feeding to your baby. The slow flow nipple with a super sensitive valve doesn’t allow excess air to flow, so that your baby gets nothing but milk!

The compact shape of the bottle allows baby to feed in a natural position and to be closer to Mom or Dad. They are free from harmful chemicals like BPA and phthalate. These bottles are also microwave and dishwasher safe, but best of all they are easy to clean.

What Mom Says About The Bottle,

The Tommee Tippee Bottles do a great job of preventing gas.They are much easier to clean with only 3 parts and hold more formula. Best of all they NEVER leak!



What to look for when buying a bottle for your baby:

Bottle Materials:

It is important to choose the right material bottle for your baby. Because low material bottles can create a big impact on your baby health. BPA has received a lot of attention in recent years due to how harmful it is to baby’s health. So choose a bottle that is made up of BPA free material.

There are basically 2 types of baby feeding bottles in the market: plastic bottles and glass bottles.

Plastic bottles: Plastic bottles are made from Polycarbonate and Polyethylene plastics.Bisphenol A (BPA) is used in the manufacture of some plastic bottles which is harmful to your children. They are also difficult to clean.

Glass bottles: Glass bottles are safe than plastic bottles. They do not use any harmful chemicals like BPA.They are also easy to clean.

Plastic baby bottles are may be cheaper than glass baby bottles. But they could be more expensive when your baby happens to get sick. So always keep your eyes open for glass baby bottles.

Soft Nipples:

Feeding time is one of the most important moments for your baby. Because it is the time for your baby to feel the closeness of yours. The use of a soft artificial nipple that can help to make the baby feel that she is feeding from her mother. This feeling can make your baby more comfortable during feeding.

Anti-Vacuum Skirt Valve:

The bottle you have chosen for your baby, It should have a feature (vent technology) that can prevent the bottle from creating a vacuum. It helps to avert the possibility of the baby swallowing air instead of milk. The swallowing of air during feeding; is the main cause of baby’s gas pains.

Easy to clean:

The cleaning process is one of the most common issues for newborn mothers. Baby’s feeding bottles need to be cleaned thoroughly to protect the baby from bacteria that can cause diseases and infections. So choose the baby bottles that are manually washable.


When it comes to the baby bottle sizes, you will want to know which one is right for your baby. If you give a large bottle to a newborn baby, they may not eat everything, wasting milk. Newborn babies usually feel full with 4-ounce of milk. So a smaller baby bottle is perfect for them. But you need to change the size of the bottle quickly as your baby grows.



As we know, all babies are different. What works for one may not be work for another. So whenever you want to purchase the best bottle for your gassy baby always prefer your baby’s needs based on habits, age, and size. It will help you to choose the right one for your baby.You may also want to know how to bottle feed a baby.

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