7 Best Baby Monitor For iPhone & iPad – (2021 Guide)


Good news!

You do have many attractive options to choose from when specifically looking for a baby monitor for your iPhone and iPad. These Wi-Fi baby monitors are a godsend for busy parents who want to watch, communicate and soothe their little ones from anywhere, at any time. 

These monitors offer crystal clear video, seamless audio communication, and lullaby playback as well. Not just that, the latest available technology will also let you closely monitor every single movement of your baby. What’s more, some of these devices are compatible with Android devices and computers as well. 

However, not all baby monitors are created equal. Some are too basic but very practical, some are packed with features but have questionable performance. Then there are tons of mixed reviews online to confuse you even more. 

To save you the hassle and help you choose the best baby monitor for iPhone, I have narrowed down your options to 7 models. These products tick all the boxes on my checklist and provide good value for the money.

ImagesProducts Name
Arlo Baby Monitor
WiFi Baby 4 Monitor
Evoz Vision Wi-Fi Video Baby Monitor
Wansview Wireless 1080P Security Camera
Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor
Snug Baby Monitor

7 Best iPhone Baby Monitor 2021

1.Arlo Baby Monitor

Arlo Baby Monitor Smart WIFI Baby Camera

Arlo from Netgear is one of the best baby monitor for iPhone due to its classy features, high performance, and hassle-free use. It uses a high-res 1080P camera that delivers amazing picture clarity in the daytime. What’s more impressive is that the image quality doesn’t drop much even in total darkness, thanks to its advanced infrared LEDs. It provides a decent coverage of up to 15 feet. 

The baby monitor can be operated using voice commands through Alexa and google assistant.

You can also program IFTTT and Apple Homekit commands on it to make your smart home smarter. For example, you can program your device to turn on the lights in the nursery or stream the live feed to your Apple TV sitting right in your office. 

The built-in motion, sound and air quality sensors further enhance the utility of the monitor. By enabling the push notifications, you can get instant alerts of every movement, change in room temperature, humidity and air quality in your baby’s room. That way, you won’t have to stay glued to your phone screen 24/7 to stay alert. 

To ensure a goodnight’s sleep for your junior, the device also comes with a beautiful nightlight and lullaby player. You can also soothe your baby whenever he wakes up crying or needs attention with its walkie talkie feature. 

It’s also among the most reliable baby monitors for parents who travel frequently with their kids as it comes with a 2440 mAh rechargeable battery too. It will allow you to keep a close eye on your baby in the hotel room or car seat during short trips.  


  • High-resolution camera with 130-degree field of view.
  • Excellent night vision.
  • Can connect with the smart home devices through IFTTT and Apple Homekit. 
  • Includes sound, motion, temperature, humidity and VOC air sensors.
  • Instant push notification alerts.
  • Has a battery backup, so if you unplug it for a while, the camera will still work for several hours.


  • According to some users, the air sensor can be finicky. It triggers false alarm even when the air quality perfectly fine. 



2.iBaby M7 Monitor

This baby monitor has the features of multiple baby care devices rolled into one.

Apart from the basic sound and motion sensors, the monitor will also alert you of the drastic changes in room temperature, humidity, level of CO2 and overall air quality via push notifications. 

As far as the camera resolution and image detail are concerned, it is the best baby monitor camera for iPhone in this price range. Very few cameras at this price point offer pan and tilt feature. You can install this camera virtually anywhere to get the full view of the room. 

This Apple-certified baby monitor utilizes MFitechnology to aid fast and stable connection. You can also allow easy access to the live feed to your partner, the caregiver or grandparents when you are busy in other work. 

Not just that. You can also program the device to send you reminders about nappy change and feeding times when you are having a super busy day at the office. 

And in case you are worried about your child’s nighttime tantrums, this monitor has a solution for that too. It will sing lullabies, read bedtime stories, play soothing white noise and lighten up his room with glowing starry/moonlight to help him sleep peacefully. 


  • It comes with temperature, humidity and air quality sensors.
  • Diaper change and feeding time reminders.
  • Uses MFi technology for faster connection with iOS.
  • Monitor camera can turn 360 degrees so you can see anywhere in the room.
  • Moon/starlight, pre-recorded lullabies, white noise, and bedtime stories.


  • The internal speaker needs improvement.



3.WiFi Baby 4 MonitorWiFi Baby 4

This baby monitor records videos in 720P, delivering a pretty decent image sharpness in broad daylight. I have to admit that the night vision camera seriously exceeded my expectations. With its 30 infrared lights, it provides coverage of up to 30 feet which is the highest coverage you can get in this price range. You record and save the videos and images on a Micro SD card. 

To me, it is the best baby monitor for twins iPhone as the device literally grows with your family. It lets you add up to 4 cameras and receive audio-only alerts from all of them simultaneously. 

Coming back to the review, the iOS version of this app is free and you will have to pay a minimal fee for the Android version. Both versions allow you to modify audio and motion sensitivity, set the minimal sound level to trigger push notification, adjust camera resolution and so on. 

One more good news for you if you own an Apple watch. You can program this app to send you audio alerts on your smart watch whenever it detects something unusual in the baby’s room.

Another solid feature that makes it one of the great baby monitor for iPhone is its ability to override your phone’s auto-lock function. Not just that. To be at your baby’s beck and call 24/7, you can program the monitor to work on locked and dimmed screen as well. 


  • Connect up to 4 cameras with simultaneous sound detection and alerts. 
  • Night vision coverage of up to 30 feet.
  • Audio monitoring while App is in background on device.
  • Free, feature-packed and easy-to-use iOS app.
  • Free web portal access for Mac and PC.
  • DVR function lets you schedule live recordings.


  • The set up is a little bit difficult.



4.Evoz Vision Wi-Fi Video Baby Monitor

If you are going to use the monitor to watch over a newborn or a toddler who is dealing with some kind of illness, this could be your safest bet. This monitor maneuvers an advanced cry detection algorithm. 

It will alert you via SMS, email and push notifications whenever your baby starts crying or simply needs attention. The camera also clicks pictures of the moments leading up to the cry. You can share these images with your pediatrician for diagnosis purpose in future if needed. 

Considering the coverage and vividness of both daylight and nighttime images, it deserves to be called one of the best video baby monitor for iPhone and Android. Apart from live feed, the camera also captures and sends screenshots to your phone from time-to-time, making sure you never miss an important moment. 

This monitor can also serve as a logbook for your baby’s vital stats. 

You can program the monitor to automatically record feeding, sleep, and diaper change timings, milestone dates. Based on the data it collects, you can get useful baby sleeping coaching tips from none other than Kim West, aka The Sleep Lady. 


  • Great images resolution, even in low light.
  • Automatically records sleep, feeding and crying stats. 
  • Effectively distinguishes a baby’s cry from other noises.
  • Pre-recorded music, bedtime stories, and lullabies.
  • Keeps web intruders at bay with strong data encryption.
  • Lets you share in-app access with trusted people.


  • Starts acting wobbly the moment internet slows down a little. 



5.Wansview Wireless 1080P Camera Monitor

Wansview Wireless 1080P Security Camera

This highly affordable baby cam uses low frame rate to ensure disruption-free streaming, even on low internet speed. You can save the video recordings and screenshots locally on your computer, Apple or Android smartphone. If you don’t want to jam the hard disk space, simply pop in a micro SD card (up to 128 GB) in the camera. 

It is one of the best WiFi baby monitors for iPhone, Android, and PC as far as camera functionality is concerned. The camera has an incredible pan (350-degrees), tilt (76-degrees vertical) and zooming (4x) ability. Therefore, you don’t have to waste time finding a vantage point to mount the camera for a great view. 

The night vision image quality and 20 feet area coverage also deserve a special mention. Coupled with 2-way communication, you will also be able to talk to and soothe your baby every time you see him crying or asking for you. 

This baby monitor cum whole-house security camera lets you program it to send alerts whenever it detects an unusual stir in the room. For example, every time someone enters your house, your phone would beep or vibrate. 

And what’s more, you don’t have to break the bank per se to take advantage of these premium features. After analyzing the features and performance, I have to say this it delivers excellent quality for a modest price tag. 

If you are looking for more options on a limited budget, I have a dedicated list for you here


  • Pan-tilt-zoom camera with great night vision.
  • Saves snapshots and videos on Micro SD card.
  • Simple, fuss-free setup.
  • Motion detector sends 10S alarm video alert. 
  • Crisp and clear 2-way audio. 


  • Picture quality isn’t perfect but is great for the price.



6.Lollipop Smart Monitor

Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor with True Crying Detection

This one is one of the most intelligent, hi-tech and flexible baby monitors on this list. You can program this video monitor to serve as an audio-only monitor for an entire night. 

This is a significant yet rare feature that ensures a peaceful sleep for both the parents and the baby. It ensures that don’t have to gawk at your phone screen constantly to make sure your baby is fine. Bonus points for the alarm system which goes off the moment it detects network disconnection in the audio mode. 

Its cry detection sensor works almost as good as advertised. Most of the time, it can differentiate between crying sound and other noises. This reduces the chances of triggering false alarms.

The monitor app also lets you share the live feed with authorized personnel. Together, you can watch the junior sleeping like an angel or shaking his tiny little legs on the pre-recorded baby music on the device. 

For a minimal fee, you can unlock several premium and extremely helpful features e.g daily/weekly crying data log, temp/humidity/air quality monitoring. 


  • Free cloud storage of live videos and screenshots.
  • Share live-feed with trusted ones. 
  • Incredible crying, noise and crossing detection. 
  • 30S event video notification.
  • Simultaneously operate multiple monitors from one app (live feed from one monitor only at a time).
  • Audio-only mode and Privacy Mode for enhanced functionality and security. 


  • Doesn’t have a web portal, so it cannot be accessed from computers. App-only operation.



7.Snug Baby Monitor

Snug Baby Monitor WiFi Video Camera with Audio for iPhone Samsung

Unlike most monitors featured in this segment, this one isn’t replete with hi-tech features. And that isn’t necessarily a drawback for some. In fact, this one is ideal for parents searching for the best wireless baby monitor for iPhone with simple features and streamlined operation. 

It has every basic requirement to take care of your baby. You can hand it over to a nanny or grandparents who are not comfortable with complex in-app operations. 

I adore this product mainly for its ease-of-use and the quality (not the quantity) of features it has in store. Despite its modest price tag, it doesn’t compromise with the cam quality. 

You can enjoy hi-res vivid images of your baby, even in a poorly lit environment. You can also witness your baby’s awesome moments with your family and friends by granting multiple device access. 

On those hectic days when you simply don’t have time to look at your phone, use the sound and motion alert option. It will help you remain aware of your baby’s condition even when the phone is in your pocket. 


  • Easy installation.
  • Sharp daylight and nigh-time images. 
  • Timely audio and motion alerts.
  • Can be viewed on multiple devices simultaneously.
  • Ensures great data security.


  • Some users complain that the picture quality isn’t great.



Key Advantages of Choosing a Smartphone Compatible Baby Monitor

Smartphones are like the Swiss Army knives of the gadget world. From monitoring heart rate to filming short films, you can do almost anything these days with a good cell phone. So why not converting it into a nifty parent console for your baby monitor?

If you own an iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch, you can use it as your DIY baby monitor by simply downloading the compatible app. These apps bring all the configurations and tons of useful features right at your fingertips. 

Since Apple smartphones are known for their magnificent display and functionality, you will never miss an important moment of your little one’s life. Moreover, almost all iOS supported baby monitors have Android compatibility too. So you can use it on literally any smartphone on the face of the Earth.

Some of the top-branded iPhone baby monitors also allow you to communicate with the smart devices in your home via Apple Homekit and IFTTT. You can turn on/dim the lights, adjust the thermostat using simple voice commands on Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant. 

Nonetheless, the biggest advantage of using a smartphone-compatible baby monitor is its convenience. We carry our phones wherever we go, browse apps and binge-watch videos all day. 

No matter what we do, we always have the time to check on our phones. Operating a baby monitor app on the phone is much more convenient than sitting in front of a computer all day. 


Things to Look for While Picking the Best Baby Monitor for iPhone

Baby monitors for iPhone, tablet or Android smartphones doesn’t necessarily have to be super expensive. Finding a monitor that caters to all your baby care needs isn’t rocket science. You just need to get your priorities straight. 

Let me help you set your parameters right to make sure you end up with the best product within your budget:

Display: A quality video baby monitor should display crystal clear and colorful images in the daylight. Make sure it also includes multiple infrared LEDs to deliver sharp black and white images in extreme low light conditions as well. 

Camera Adjustments: If you own a monitor camera with pan and tilt ability, you don’t have to struggle to find a proper place to mount the camera. Install it wherever you want and get views of multiple angles of the room by simply swiping your fingers on the phone screen. 

App UI: A buggy, sloppy app is the last thing you want to deal with. If the app doesn’t have a slick UI, it is not worth your time. Apart from user-friendliness, you should also check out the subscriptions fees.

A lot of top-shelf baby monitors offer a host of useful features including cloud storage for free. You might have to pay a small sum for premium features like 24/7 programmable live recording. 

Sensors and Sensitivity: Sound and motion sensors are the bare minimum expected from a quality baby monitor. If money isn’t an issue, go for a model that includes temperature, humidity, and air quality sensors as well. 

If you are struggling to sleep train your baby, consider investing in a monitor with advanced cry detector algorithm. These sensors should be powerful enough to detect minor discrepancies and send you instant alerts on phone. 

Expandability: Do you need to watch over twins or more than two babies staying in separate rooms? If yes then you need to find a monitor that lets you hook multiple cameras. You should be able to get audio-video / audio-only adults from all cameras simultaneously on your phone. 

Other Useful Features: To help your baby snooze peacefully in your absence, your baby monitor should ideally feature a soothing night-light and pre-recorded lullabies/ baby songs/ audiobooks. Some advanced models would also record and analyze your baby’s sleep stats and provide useful sleep improvement tips accordingly. 


The Bottom Line

So that brings us to the end of this article. If you have thoroughly read everything I’ve written above, you should be able to make up your mind by now. I intended to make this article a sort of “pathfinder” for new parents who are in dire need of some guidance. 

In case you still haven’t really figured things out and want my personal opinion, don’t worry, I will help you out. 

If I really have to pick just one product from this list, I’ll go with Arlo Baby Monitor. It’s a perfect choice for people who own smart home devices and want to use the monitor to control the entire system. 

Its app has a streamlined interface and a host of practical features at your fingertips. Its night vision live feed has unbelievable clarity, probably one of the best in its league. Long story short, it has everything it takes to be called the best baby monitor for iPhone and iPad. Period. 

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