Best Atv for 13 Year Old Kids -2021(Reviews)

Kiddos are fond of adventure (well, most of them). 

But the question is- 

How can you introduce them to the exciting world with safety!


Now think like a smart parent…

Just By gifting an ATV, you will lead your kid towards an independent and adventurous life. And the best part- It helps to boost up their confidence and brings a lot of joy.

But wondering should you get one for your kid?

Heck Yes!

Let me take a wild guess- there’re few questions that might drive you nuts.

  • What is the best ATV for a 13-year old youth? 
  • But Are ATVs safe for them? If so, What size atv is good for a 13-year-old?
  • Can a 13 year old ride a 250cc ATV?

I know those questions come from your protective parent’s mind. 

Can’t blame you!

A new study from Nationwide Children’s Hospital hopes to alert Americans about the dangers of ATVs — especially for children because each day an average of 31 children were treated in U.S. emergency departments for ATV-related head and neck injuries.

That’s kinda scary!

I know the feeling as I’m also a parent of 2 lil angels. So To help you in this regard, I made this guide(I actually did research while buying an ATV for my kids & nephews). So, without further ado, let’s ride on!

But Can a 13-year-old Drive an ATV? Is it really safe for kids?

Unarguably, ATVs are a great way to improve your kid’s confidence. Simultaneously, this vehicle offers a great learning experience for 4-wheelers and road safety.

But Let’s be honest…All ATVs are used for recreational use sometimes. 

Same rules apply to youth ATVs.

In most USA states, teens and older kids are allowed to ride all-terrain vehicles. Even to ride ATVs, a driver’s license is not mandatory. But kids must ride ATVs carefully because thrills may lead to significant safety risks.

However, the American Academy of Pediatrics discourages teens and older kids from riding ATV due to the reasons below.

  • At high speeds, ATVs are unstable and quite difficult to control. Fatal injury may happen.
  • Collisions and rollovers are common if the speed is high.

For this, if you decide to buy an ATV for your 13-year old kid, make sure that your teen wears safety precautions. Ensuring safety gear is the only way to protect your kid from unwanted incidents.


5 Best ATV for 13-Year-Old -2021 Guide

Since it is a one-time investment, you might not want to buy an ATV that becomes unusable after a year due to the outgrowth of your kid. 

But hi, did you really imagine how many smiles this could bring to your kiddo’s life?

Still wondering what is the best ATV for youth?       

I choose the products carefully (keep the budget fact in mind), and the enlisted models those’re suitable & safe enough for over 13-year-olds.

1.X-PRO 250cc ATV Quad

The scoop:

  • Engine: 200cc,4-Stroke
  • Weight Capacity: 309lbs.
  • Max Speed(MPH): 45+ (Based on kids weight and terrain conditions)
  • Front Brake: Drum
  • Rear Brake: Hydraulic Disc
  • Fuel Tank: 1.11 Gallon

 X-PRO 250cc ATV Quad Four Wheelers

I can assure you one thing with confidence…

Your kid will have a blast time on trails and hills with the beefy tires of the ATV. 


Manual transmission is one of the best features of this 4-wheeler that lets your kid control it without any trouble. 

It measures 69.3″ (L) X 42.1″ (W) X 43.3″ (H), much spacious for comfortable riding. Moreover, due to this roomy construction, your kid will also be able to ride it comfortably for the upcoming 2-3 years.


Safety is a much-needed feature for an ATV for 13-years old. 

And you will love to know that it comes with numerous safety features which confirm a safe ride all the time. The front and rear brakes come with drum and hydraulic disc characteristics, respectively. Both brakes perform reliably and stop the vehicle smoothly and instantly during an emergency.

Furthermore, getting out of the ATV is entirely unnecessary when moving this vehicle backward because of the reverse feature. The design and build quality are other essential highlights of this ATV, and it accommodates 309lbs. conveniently. I also keep this stuff on my top list of Best sport quad for beginners.

The Good:

  • Powerful and fast ATV.
  • Luggage rack at the front and rear.
  • Speed limited allows your kid the monitor the speed.
  • 15” footrest provides superior comfort when riding.
  • It features a foot brake for an instant stop of the vehicle in an urgency.

The Bad:

  • Beware of the vendors.



2.X-PRO 125cc Quad ATV 

The scoop:

  • Fuel Tank: 0.66 Gallon
  • Engine: 135cc, 4-Stroke
  • Front Brake: Drum
  • Weight Capacity: 132lbs.
  • Max Speed(MPH): 35+ (Based on kids weight and terrain conditions)
  • Rear Brake: Hydraulic Disc

X-PRO 125cc ATV

One thing is for sure…

Kids are entry-level riders and rather focus on eliminating discomfort. 

And that’s the main reason I choose this stuff for my kids.

In the event of a stall, the rider can control this 4-wheeler with ease due to the electric start. At the same time, controlling it becomes much easier. This is a great ATV for getting your teen outdoors for some adventure.

Told you earlier I’m too concerned about the kid’s safety…..

So no wonder I look for this on this ATV also. 

And here is what I found:

Similar to all other X-Pro ATVs, it is also a pack of several safety features such as speed limiter, engine kill switch, remote stop, tail lights, foot brake, and remote alarm. Anyone with a weight less than 132lbs. can ride this ATV without any concern. 

Now come to another crucial fact-wheel.

Both front and rear wheels are wide enough to guarantee additional safety when riding through trails and hills.

Assembling the ATV is a piece of cake for persons who has minor technical knowledge(such a great relief for parents). Overall, it’s a good bang for the bucks.

The Good:

  • Extremely effortless to assemble.
  • Suspension struts are pretty solid.
  • Suitable for entry-level riders.
  • Several safety control features.
  • Smooth and instant brake with drum and hydraulic brake system.

The Bad:

  • Not a good performer on grass.



3.X-PRO 110cc ATV Quads 

The scoop:

  • Engine: 110cc, 4-Stroke
  • Front Brake: Drum
  • Weight Capacity: 132lbs.
  • Max Speed(MPH): 31+ (Based on kids weight and terrain conditions)
  • Rear Brake: Hydraulic Disc
  • Fuel Tank: 0.61 Gallon

X-PRO 110cc ATV Quads

X-PRO builds some of the cult classic ATVs for teens & kids, and the X-PRO 110CC ATV is also no exception. 

So what’s so unique about this fun kid quad?

As a Parent, I love the automatic transmission feature most.


That’s because it makes the shifting task a lot more convenient without using a hand-operated clutch. 

I guess that’s the reason this 4-wheeler is popular among kids for its feel as well as the adult. 

It features many safety features and tires with great traction, making it the best choice for different terrains. Also, the electricity starts make the rider’s life comfier and confirm ease in certain events.

But there is a small catch…

Although the tires are not wide enough, they provide sufficient ground clearance. 

Additionally, the tires hold up quite effectively against a wide range of terrains.

Smooth control is significantly crucial when riding an ATV because nobody loves to see their kid get injured. 

The 4-wheeler performs efficiently both outdoors and indoors. It is lightweight and made for kids 10 – 14 years old. 

The rear wheels have a disc brake that gives enough control overriding. From a wide range of color options, it is a good shot for your young kids.

The Good:

  • An impressively designed ATV.
  • Designed for outdoor and indoor use.
  • The ATV is relatively safe to ride for kids on different terrains.
  • Front and tail lights for a safe ride in the night.
  • Durable construction and multiple color options.

The Bad:

  • Assembling is a bit challenging.



4.Tao 110d Fully Automatic Atv

The scoop:

  • Engine: 107cc, 4-Stroke
  • Weight Capacity: 132lbs.
  • Max Speed(MPH): 30+ (Based on kids weight and terrain conditions)
  • Front Brake: Drum
  • Rear Brake: Hydraulic Disc
  • Fuel Tank: 0.50 gallon

Still your kid is afraid of riding motorized vehicles?

Wait…why don’t you try this Tao 110d as it’s the coolest Ride On Toy and could be a confidence booster.

Wondering why?

You probably haven’t noticed- Tao 110d is a Fully Automatic ATV. 

If you want to keep your kids secure without compromising the speed, this ATV would be a great choice, undoubtedly. 

By riding this ATV, your kid will gain confidence as they learn to handle, steer, brake, and generally manage a vehicle.

That’s not all…

The weight capacity is pretty impressive, with 132lbs.

Characteristically, this 4-wheeler is designed for rugged terrains with 16” wheels. At the same time, it is a good performer on flat surfaces. The speed limiter safety measure can eliminate accidents as your child can control the vehicle according to the terrain conditions.

Additionally, the vehicle looks solid & well-built. 

The puncture-proof tires and impressive suspension system allow your Lil champ to control the vehicle smoothly. Moreover, the ATV requires minor assembly as it comes pre-assembled. Furthermore, the headlights illuminate effectively, making the night ride fun.

The Good:

  • Electric Start provides much easier control and handling.
  • Straightforward assemble process.
  • Well-designed and ruggedly-built 4-wheeler.
  • Promises to make a ride fun and safe.
  • Automatic transmission for smooth shifting.

The Bad:

  • Air filter comes with inferior quality.



5.Icebar 110 cc ATV Four Wheelers

The scoop:

  • Engine: 110cc, 4-stroke
  • Weight Capacity: 130lbs.
  • Max Speed(MPH): 30+ (Based on kids weight and terrain conditions)
  • Front Brake: Drum
  • Rear Brake: Hydraulic Disc
  • Fuel Tank: 0.50 gallon

Icebar 110cc ATV Four Wheelers

It was a surprise for my birthday girl (though it’s not a typical gift for girls).

But she just loved it!

Actually, my rebellious daughter reacted like…she is on top of the mountain!!!

This ATV does have a lot of power, and the build quality is also fantastic. It comes inside a metal crate that protects the ATV, and you will not find any damage, scratches, or dents in it after unboxing. 

Assembly is not challenging, but remember to lubricate the chain before riding.

The chain and sprockets are heavy-duty, and the chain is about as thick as the chain of a motorcycle. It features a speed limiter that will let you slow the speed down quite a bit, but it is speedy when it’s opened up all the way. 

Wanna know why I ordered this for my daughter?

It has enough power to ride responsibly, comes with a key so parents can shut it off if they see their kids in danger.

Safety comes first, right?

Operating this ATV is superbly easy and great for first-time kids. The distance between the footrest and seat height is good enough, which ensures the long service life of the vehicle. 

Besides, the handle has soft foam padding for comfortable riding. Your kid will surely fall in love after riding this 4-wheeler.

The Good:

  • The ATV consists of a reliable working headlight.
  • Safe and durable design.
  • Easy to ride with the soft padded handle.
  • The vehicle comes 90% pre-assembled.
  • It is equipped with a fully automatic 4-stroke engine.

The Bad:

  • A bit slower compared to its competitors.



5 Golden Rules to follow while buying a youth 4-wheeler 

Hi, it’s not for you, it’s for your most precious gift of life, remember?

So please be extra cautious.

I made a list of the most important factor that shouldn’t be ignored before buying teens’ power wheels.

Size & Outlook matter!

Sometimes, the outlook is a deciding factor.

Kids are fond of ATVs that have a look of adult ATVs or come with a particular theme. Get confirmation from your kid whether s/he liked the outlook. In the end, your kid is the owner of the 4-wheeler.

What size 4 wheeler Should a 13 year old have?

I would say to go for 110-250cc for age 12 to 15-year-old kids.

Electric or Gas-Powered?

Whether to buy an electric or gas-powered model, the decision entirely depends on your personal choice. However, both types have their benefits and drawbacks.

Electric ATVs are easy to ride, and prior experience is unnecessary. But the downside is that these ATVs will last not more than 60 minutes with a single charge. Also, they take long hours to get charged fully. Remember, the first charge will take a minimum of 15 – 18 hours.

On the other hand, Gas-powered ATVs come with unlimited riding time and variable speed limits. These types are cost-conscious too. An entry-level rider might find it challenging to ride Gas ATVs. At this point, extra effort is required.

Safety Features

This is one of the crucial factors, and you have to ensure that your selected model comes with the below safety features:

  • Quality tires. Riding ATVs will be much more convenient on different terrains with premium-quality tires.
  • Wide tires are also appreciable as this will help to increase the ground clearance.
  • Headlights and taillights make it comfortable to ride under low-light conditions.
  • Soft foam padding will reduce hand fatigue during long riding hours.
  • Speed limiter lets the parents limit the speed according to the kid’s comfort and skill.
  • The remote control is a great feature that allows the parents to turn the engine on/off.
  • Remote kill switches to stop riding during an emergency.

What about Speed range?

The top speed relies on the ATV types. ATVs that are designed for kids come with a speed range of 25 – 40mph.

The good news is that these types are available with variable speed features, which allow your kid to control the speed according to the requirement. However, you should keep a close eye when your kid is riding an ATV. Don’t allow your kid to go faster if s/he is on a learning curve. Unwanted things can happen if s/he does so.


Electric-powered ATVs don’t require maintenance, while periodic maintenance is mandatory for gas-powered ATVs.

You might be wondering why electric ATVs don’t need much maintenance. This is because electric types don’t consist of chains, sprockets, oil, and gas, which help you save valuable time, effort, and money.

On the other hand, you have to do a regular inspection of the belt and maintain the gas-powered models’ necessary coolant level.

My final thought

Well, the prime goal of this guide was to assist you with the precise buying decision of the teens ATV.

Yeah, I did extensive research and immense hard work in making this list of the best ATVs for 13-year-olds (actually, we have plenty of teen on family).

Before your kid starts riding an ATV, buy good-quality safety precautions. 

First warning

Don’t allow your kid to exceed the speed more than 10 – 15mph. Also, make sure that more than one kid is not riding on the ATV.

I’m curious, which ATV are you going to try first for your kiddo?

Let me know in the comments below!

Ciao for now!

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